Our Purpose

Academy Xi‘s Vision: to change the world by educating the next wave of digital change-makers.

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” – Nelson Mandela

Academy Xi teaches short, practical and skill-specific courses for people who want to upskill or companies wanting to upgrade their capabilities in design, innovation and digital transformation. We’ve delivered a number of custom team training programs in HCD, Digital Transformation, Agile, Product Management, Virtual and Augmented Realities and, soon, Blockchain.

Technology is rapidly evolving and with this evolution, a significant skills gap has emerged. The demand for emerging design and future technology skills is insatiable and is growing. Traditional education models are not able to support this growth, which is where Academy Xi comes in.

With our dynamically changing curriculum, we teach current, in demand skills to transform individual careers whilst integrating new learnings about emerging markets and future technologies.

As well as laying the foundations to become a lifetime learning hub, we’re driven by a great purpose: XAct, our socially focused community pillar. With our vision to change the world through education, Academy Xi collaborates with great Social Impact organisations such as Telstra Foundation, Talent RISEUNICEFRemarkable, and WWF.

Although, we are a for profit company, the vision for XiAct is that we will extend into regions that can’t access good education. Using our well developed content and passionate community to empower those in need; our sights are set on Australia, APAC and beyond.

The name Academy Xi* emerged from commitment 100% personal responsibility for the world around us. We are an education company, driven by a purpose to bring our students to life, teaching tools to help them activate themselves and create their own waves of change.

The Xi logomark has a deliberate, mathematical structure. X is variable in mathematics. In our context, this is a problem that needs to be solved. When we attach the i component to the X, this is the power of I – my personal responsibility and my commitment to solving this problem. Therefore Xi is me taking responsibility to not only identify problems in the world, but commit to being part of the solution.

* (the ‘Xi’ in Academy Xi is pronounced as ex-eye)