Professional background: Product Lead at FLIP

Aravinth Balu is currently the Product Lead at FLIP, a technology company that works to modernise, innovate and disrupt the logistics, transportation and supply chain industries. He is also an Advisory Board Member for Grouptag, a networking app that assists users to make new friends and grow their network with like-minded people based on their skills, goals and experiences.

Throughout his career, Aravinth has co-founded two different companies including Urban Minder, a holiday home management services provider as well as fixatmine – an online platform that allows the user to regain control from dealerships and workshops by offering upfront payments for the user to instantly book an expert mechanic, completing the job at the comfort of their own home. Prior to this, he worked at PwC Australia as a Manager for Corporate Strategy & Ventures, with a backing experience in Insight Analytics. 

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