14 March 2018 | 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm
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You may think large organisations and even small-scale startups would have a hard time trying to grow and remain sustainable. However, there are some very important growth strategies that make this idea possible.


In recent years, there have been large shifts in traditional business models. Companies are now trying to create and scale products that don’t have a negative impact on the environment. Thankyou is one out of many Aussie social enterprises that are creating global, yet sustainable supply chains that benefit both the customers and the planet.


But how do organisations like Thankyou achieve growth and remain environmentally and socially conscious at the same time?


A marketing strategy known as iterative growth, has influenced the burgeoning sustainable business model evolution. This design thinking inspired approach to growth takes a product through numerous rounds of testing and iteration before it’s released. Iterative growth aims to create the best products possible by meeting the end user’s needs and scaling a business consistently and sustainably.


To further explore sustainable design and growth, companies are also implementing a strategy called circular design. This strategy helps companies redefine growth by focusing on sustainable resourcing. Circular design is underpinned by the development and use of renewable energy, which helps to build new economic, natural, and social lifestyles.


At our panel Growth: Ethical Frameworks for Sustainable Products come hear panellists discuss how businesses can achieve growth while remaining sustainable.


Mindy Leow

Community Builder at B Lab

Mindy is the Community Builder of B Lab Australia & New Zealand.  In this role, she works with purpose-driven businesses by helping them to measure and improve their social and environmental impact through the free and confidential B Impact Assessment tool. Passionate about business as a catalyst for social change, Mindy has rich experience in the Australian social enterprise sector, including previously with Social Traders and StartSomeGood.  Mindy holds an MBA from Melbourne Business School, and Bachelor in Journalism from University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Jane Watson

Associate Director at Social Ventures Australia

Jane is an Associate Director in the Venture Philanthropy team with a key focus on managing the National Venture Philanthropy fund.

Jane brings experience in technology start-up businesses and is focused on providing and integrating technology-driven solutions to the non-profit sector in order to drive scale and impact. She has a strong interest in rural and regional development opportunities having grown up in regional Australia and has a background in corporate finance, providing strategic advice, transaction and funds management support.

Jane has a strong passion for social entrepreneurship and has founded and run two social enterprises. One based in Kenya providing education opportunities to Maasai school children and an Australian based business providing connectivity between the for-purpose and corporate sectors.

Jane holds a Bachelor Degree in Agricultural Science (Honours) from the University of Melbourne and a Masters Degree in Applied Finance.

Darren Sutton

Co-Founder of Common Purpose Collective

Darren is the co-founder of the Common Purpose Collective and enjoys designing, developing and deploying brand experiences that deliver tangible social, environmental and financial returns. His work assists clients in bridging the gap between marketing, sustainability and technology with the needs of the customer. Within partnerships, Darren uses powerful digital storytelling techniques to drive positive attention, engagement and advocacy.

The Common Purpose Collective helps clients grow revenue, reach, reputation and resilience and has interest in furthering the impact of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. He is driven by the idea that the collective is stronger than the individual, and if we come together we can tackle some of the major challenges of our times and turn problems into impactful opportunities. Prior to The Common Purpose Collective, Darren spent the majority of his career within commercial innovation teams of large global media organisations.

Jericho Cleary

Founder of Bountie and Head of Strategy at #CorporateAdvice

Jericho is a passionate founder, marketer and startup consultant with a wealth of global experience. Jericho is particularly passionate about experiential design, with a focus on winning the hearts and minds of young millennial and next-generation consumers. Having pursued a seven-year career international marketing with Red Bull, Jericho led large national teams in four countries by the age of 25. As her awareness of climate change and it’s catastrophic consequences increased, Jericho has recently turned her attention to building Bountie – a curated platform for planet-loving brands and lifestyle-loving consumers.

Whitney Stacey

Co-Founder at Monochrome Coffee Co.

Whitney Stacey is a young professional who is driven by creating positive social impact. She is a stand for people to be leaders in their lives and has a vision that people find what they love, do it really well and do it every day.
Whitney co-founded Monochrome Coffee Co. with her partner Matt Teluk in 2016. Monochrome Coffee Co. exists to transform developing communities through the education and empowerment of youth. They are extremely committed to redefining what success looks like in business. And, they happen to sell coffee.
In addition to running Monochrome Coffee Co., Whitney also works at Hub Australia as the Community Lead at Hub Southern Cross.
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