22 March 2018 | 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm
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Blockchains are evolving from a simplistic distributed ledger to decentralised platforms for distributing any form of information, including entire software applications.

As blockchains multiply and evolve, designers become critical to their ongoing growth. From communication to education and UX, designers should be central to the blockchain boom, although few are currently actively engaged in the medium.

Join blockchain basecamp as we hear from a panel of designers, developers, and entrepreneurs sharing their vision of a designer’s role in the coming revolution.


Gendry Morales

Founder at The Flight Plan

Gendry is the Founder of  The Flight Plan, a Platform for blockchain rapid prototyping and Experimentation Ecosystem for use cases. Gendry’s idea for The Flight Plan started from when she launched CryptoCats, digital collectible art on the Ethereum platform.

Gendry has 20 years of technology experience, 12 of those years in leadership roles specialising in modern engineering practices and product delivery.  She regularly speaks at conferences about product delivery, data science, game theory, and post-conventional leadership. Her work aims to demystify blockchain technology by using visual pop-culture lens.

Dee Kulkarni

Chief Technology Officer at Reputationaire

Dee’s 10 years experience as a full stack developer for eCommerce peer to peer startups brought her to Australia where she utilised her reputation as a good Airbnb guest to help secure a long-term tenancy agreement.
Dee is now CTO of Reputationaire – a blockchain platform for securely importing, storing and exchanging verified reputation data. Reputationaire has recently been accepted into the Blockchain Centre’s accelerator program

Balwant Singh

Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder at Velix ID

Balwant is the Chief Technology Officer is the co-founder of Velix ID.  He has over 10 years experience in technology in areas such as content frameworks, mobile development, solution architecting, cloud platforms, serverless architecture apps, building smart contracts, and writing DApps. Concurrently, he is also a creative technologist at the National Australia Bank, where he has worked on innovations with tech, Ripple, Blockchain, and my other technologies.

Kiersten Jowett

Management Team Member at The Flight Plan

As founder and CEO of a global manufacturing and distribution business, Kiersten quickly saw how Blockchain technology could help solve her supply chain and global remittance issues. Kiersten sold her business, authored a book on cryptocurrency called “Cryptocurrency for Skeptics: The best kind of digital currency pupil”, and she now works with Blockchain startup-up Flight Plan. In addition to this, Kiersten also works with RMIT as a mentor for their “Developing Blockchain Strategy” course.

Susan Dart

Blockchain Business Consultant and Educator

Susan has over 35 year’s experience in the software industry including 17 years in USA with Silicon Valley companies and start-ups.

Currently Susan is a mentor to blockchain start-ups at the Blockchain Engine of the Blockchain Centre, a mentor for the RMIT blockchain courses, an educator running workshops about Launching ICOs and a blockchain consultant to SME businesses.

Susan has degrees in computer science and software engineering from RMIT and Carnegie Mellon University USA

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22 March
6:00 pm to 8:00 pm


Academy Xi,
Level 3,
45 Exhibition St,
Melbourne VIC 3000