16 April 2018 | 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm
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*This is a private event for internal CBA employees. 


Prototyping is an important component in User Experience Design. It places emphasis on a user-focused experience, where concepts, sketches, and ideas come to life. Building prototypes is a cost-effective way to gauge a product’s success in the early stage of its development. It helps companies avoid premature and often expensive production mistakes.


In this one-hour Lunch and Learn session, equip yourself with prototyping skills that you can implement the very next day. Whether you’re working on a side hustle or a new innovation within the Commonwealth Bank, these are the skills and tools used by professionals and amateurs across the industry


In the session you’ll explore the following:


  • What is prototyping?
  • The benefits of prototyping  before building a live product
  • How to create a paper prototype
  • Low- fidelity wireframing
  • Easy ways to test your prototype

Robert Williams

Academy Xi UX Lead & UXD:Transform Instructor

Known to empower his students through the notion that everyone has the ability to understand and create strategy, Robert says, “I believe UX design is intuitive; sometimes it just takes a little prod or influence to reassure that intuition.”

Robert’s digital story began with a degree in visual design where his career took off in Melbourne with numerous roles developing consumer facing web products. Since then, he has studied multiple multimedia and design courses which have propelled him into UX roles for Optus, Vodafone, PwC and Symplicit.

Dates and fees
16 April
12:00 pm to 1:00 pm


CBA Innovation Lab,
11 Harbour St,
Sydney NSW 2000

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