Hayden Peters
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Hayden Peters

Lead Experience Design Instructor at AcademyXi

Mentors for: UX UI Design

An award winning designer with extensive experience in HCD, UX, UI, CX, SD, business management, direction, brand innovation and production. His progressive knowledge of combining technology, creative design and strategy has led to a career with an insatiable passion for innovation and change.

Student feedback

“All the students were blown away by Hayden - his commitment to everyone in the cohort went above and beyond what you would expect from a mentor. He did everything he possibly could to help us understand the value of UX UI and the best ways to apply it professionally.”

Sylvia Xu Connor

“I have very high standards for mentors – I think they should be people who inspire you and not just people pleasers. I have a huge amount of respect for Hayden. If you’re misunderstanding something or not applying the learning properly, in the nicest possible way, he’s always comfortable telling you.”

Sanjay Jaya

“Most people will just teach you the hard skills, but Hayden also helps you develop the soft skills. We learned what to expect in-industry, how to deal with difficult situations and how to talk to coworkers, managers and clients in ways that are really productive.”

Ryan Collingwood

“With Hayden’s support, I went from someone who was thinking “can I do this?”, to someone who completely believed in their own abilities. I’m immensely grateful for just how much Hayden backed me throughout the course.”

Kauri Palmer

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