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5 Reasons to Study Graphic Design

By Cassidy Holland

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Ever thought of upskilling with a beginners course in graphic design? Here are five good reasons why you should take the leap and land yourself in an altogether more fulfilling and creative career! 

Let’s dive in…


Enjoy real flexibility 

Graphic Designers can largely choose how they work. Want to do graphic design freelance for a variety of companies? Great! Prefer the more traditional one company, permanent role? Be our guest. Fancy working remotely from your hut deep in the Amazon? Wifi pending, but go for it! 

The point being, that as a Graphic Designer, you have the tools to shape a career that fits your style. Be as collaborative or independent as you like, work for yourself or a company, but at the end of the day it’s your choice.

Make the most of your creativity 

Graphic Design is a dream role for creative types. Immerse yourself in all kinds of creative output, taking inspiration for your own work – sounds fun right! 

Each day offers a new round of creative problem solving. Use your superpowers to find the right solution. Leave work each day with a sense of immense satisfaction.

You’ll also never stop learning. With the variety of platforms, software and the incessant thirst for unique content, you’ll be kept on your toes, pushing the limits of your creativity. 

Souldrops Detergent by Réka Baranyi

You do you –  find your passion 

Graphic Designers are encouraged to be authentic, you don’t have to hold back. It’s not a stuffy or highly regimented role, invention and ingenuity are rewarded.

As already touched upon, a career in Graphic Design means variety, allowing you to follow your passions, working on projects that you can buy into personally – not something that every job can offer.

Visible impact

As the saying goes – a picture paints a thousand words. This will be your mantra as you convey messages that solve problems, through powerful aesthetic content.

Find what matters to you and make an impact, producing imagery that changes minds and shifts perspectives. As a Designer you’ll get to see you work in action.

Steve Harrington for Nike Earth Day

In demand 

Industry demand for Graphic Designers is on the rise. Brand touchpoints are now expected to be visually led. This makes Graphic Design a valuable and enduring skillset – after all, first impressions matter!

Our lives are saturated with design, from the food brands we choose, to the ads we are served on our devices. You don’t get long to grab and hold attention, moments are fleeting, and visual cues are vital.

And guess who do brands turn to to solve this problem… 

Get in touch 

If you’ve been considering a Graphic Design course but don’t know where to start, build some momentum today and get in touch with a Course Advisor on LiveChat or learn more and download the course guide via the graphic design course page.