Special Consideration Policy & Procedure

Last updated July 5th, 2023

What is the purpose of this policy?

Academy Xi (‘AXi’) understands that students may experience exceptional circumstances out of their control that materially impact on their ability to complete their course of study or pay the course fees. In such situations, students can apply for Special Consideration (in accordance with the Student Agreement). This policy clarifies the basis underwich a student can apply for Special Consideration.

What is Special Consideration?

Special Consideration is applied where a student experiences serious illness, personal trauma or personal hardship that is of an ongoing nature and will prevent a student from completing their course within the original course duration or meeting their existing financial obligations in the future.


Specifically, grounds for Special Consideration include:

A) Serious Illness

A serious illness is either an unexpected illness of a serious nature or resulting from an accident that has a serious impact on a student’s health. A serious illness also includes the recurrence of a chronic illness that a student suffers from or one that has deteriorated to the extent that the student is unable to complete their studies. 


If the illness, medical condition or disability was pre-existing prior to enrolment then this will not qualify as grounds for Special Consideration unless the student notified AXi at the time of enrolment and the illness, condition or disability has been made worse by an unexpected change.

B) Personal Trauma or Hardship

Personal trauma or hardship are circumstances which will likely prevent a student from continuing their studies, including:

  1. Death of a close family member
  2. Serious illness of a close family member where the student is a primary caregiver
  3. Serious disruption to domestic arrangements
  4. Sudden and severe change in financial circumstances
  5. Being a victim of a natural disaster
  6. Being a serious victim of crime

What is excluded from Special Consideration?

An application for Special Consideration is a process intended for serious matters only. AXi is unable to grant special consideration for the following circumstances:

  1. Employment changes e.g. changing job or work hours, resignation or other employee-initiated termination of employment
  2. Change of mind about the course or studying, finding the course more difficult, time consuming or stressful than expected
  3. Relocation/ moving, including interstate or internationally
  4. Social/ leisure or personal commitments
  5. Planned holidays or extended periods of travel

Notification of Special Consideration

It is the student’s obligation to contact AXi as soon as the student becomes aware of any circumstances that will impact on their ability to complete their studies.

Special Consideration Procedure

Making a Special Consideration Application

  1. We encourage students to first contact Student Support to discuss their circumstances, and to do this especially before they fall behind or cease any payment obligations they have. Student Support can discuss the Special Consideration process with the student and provide the required forms.
  2. To apply for Special Consideration, the Special Consideration Application Form must be completed and submitted with appropriate supporting information and documents. Academy Xi may also ask a student to provide a statutory declaration.
  3. Completed applications and supporting information and documents should be sent to experience@academyxi.com. An acknowledgment email with a case number for reference will be sent to confirm receipt of the application.


Special Consideration Assessment

  1. Special Consideration is an evidence-based process, and it is the student’s responsibility to furnish sufficient evidence to support their application when it is submitted. AXi will make its decision on a student’s application solely based on the information provided.
  2. Any application that is incomplete or is missing supporting information and documents, or if a student declines to provide any information or documents requested by AXi, will be unable to be assessed. The student will be notified if this occurs.
  3. In applying for Special Consideration, the student is warranting that the information and documents they provide are accurate, complete and not misleading in any way, and any information that may impact the application has not been omitted.


You can download the Special Consideration Application Form by clicking here

Potential Outcomes

Dependent on the circumstances, AXi may grant (at our sole discretion) one of the following as an outcome to the Special Consideration application:

  1. Agree an alternative payment plan (where the student is paying by instalments) for a fixed period of time.
  2. Defer the student’s payments (where the student is paying by instalment) for a fixed period of time. In exceptional circumstances, We (at our sole discretion) may also provide an outcome of cancelling the student’s enrolment and taking into account the portion of the course that the student has completed, time since enrolment and the costs incurred by Us in providing the learning materials.
  3. Where the student is paying by instalment, releasing the student (in part or full) from the payment of future installments of the course fees.
  4. Where the student paid in full upfront, providing a pro-rata refund of the course fees paid. For the avoidance of doubt, a refund of course fees paid will not be provided as an outcome to a Special Consideration application on the grounds of financial hardship, as the Special Consideration process relates to future financial obligations to AXi only. 


AXi will endeavour to provide an outcome within 20 business days, from receipt of a completed Special Consideration Form, including all necessary information and documents.


Unless the Special Consideration application is on the grounds of financial hardship, the student must continue to meet all of their ongoing financial obligations to prevent their account going into arrears. If the student’s account is within the debt collection process, AXi will temporarily cease collection activity while the application is being considered. 


If the outcome of a Special Consideration application includes changes to the payment instalments (amount or frequency), the student must recommence their financial obligations on the arranged date. A failure to do so may impact the student’s ability to continue or complete their studies.

Review of Outcome

If a student considers that AXi has not acted in accordance with this policy, then they can request a review of the decisions in accordance with the AXi Complaints & Appeals Policy.

If you have any questions about the Special Consideration Policy and Procedure, please contact Academy Xi:

Academy Xi Pty Ltd | ABN 84 608 846 822
Brookfield Place, Level 11, 10 Carrington St Sydney NSW 2000 Australia