Our mission is to transform the world through education. We deliver in-depth vocational training and micro credentials in future-focussed disciplines, both online and on campus. We equip students with the right tools, experience and in-demand skills to supercharge their career or land a new, more fulfilling role. 

Who we are

We’re a private education provider, not affiliated with TAFE. Still, our short courses offer comparable benefits:

Career-focussed to boost your employability. We provide networking opportunities, industry exposure, and career support to help you land a role. Our 10 weeks, full-time courses even come with a Job Guarantee (T&Cs apply).

We offer various flexible payment plans and loan options. Our courses are not eligible for Government funding and cannot be claimed under Austudy or Abstudy.

A fast and affordable way to upskill. Why spend up to four years and $15,450 per semester on a Certificate when you can learn all the skills in just 10 weeks?

Highly practical and taught by industry practitioners with extensive experience. We work closely with the industry to ensure that what you learn is relevant in an ever-changing environment. 

We’re open to everyone. There are no prerequisites and you won’t need to jump through hoops to enrol.


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What sets Academy Xi apart


We champion diversity, inclusion and social impact


Work on practical activities and build a strong portfolio


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Our Academy Xi instructors are rated a 4.2 score out of 5, by 1811 students.

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