1-Day Training for Teams

Practice key product planning moments in cutting-edge simulation

Product management is fast becoming more than a job role. Organisations now recognise that it is the modern glue that keeps an initiative firmly attached to broader business goals.

This gamified day of training offers teams best-practice product management skills earned in an interactive and hands-on simulation environment. Practicing key product planning moments in an open learning environment helps keep projects on track and enables agile businesses to respond to those inevitable curveballs.

Learning outcomes

Academy Xi’s Product Management Project Simulation is a gamified day of training offering teams best-practice product management skills learned in an interactive and hands-on simulation environment.

Team benefits:

How does the simulation work?

Working in small groups

  • Introduction to product management in business
  • Learners are divided into smaller working groups
  • We deliver a ‘real-world’ brief stipulating scope and product delivery periods


  • Learners prepare product roadmaps
  • Wild cards! The inclusion of common situations that require reprioritisation and strategic pivoting 
  • Gamification. Throughout the training, different approaches are scored and we discuss the issues, complexities and opportunities that present

Who is this training designed for?

This training is best suited for:

  • Disparate product managers working siloed in various departments who need to share a common language, toolkit and way of working
  • Functional teams needing to expand their capabilities
  • Newly-formed teams needing to build digital capabilities in strategic areas
  • Businesses who have identified a digital skills gaps inside of their organisation 
  • Any business wanting to foster a community of digital problem solvers

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