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Our Team Training programs are short, focused, high-energy and customised to your team and business needs. Structured with a deliberate, interactive learning, your team engages with practical activities integrated into the content, learning new skills during the program. Our programs are designed to deliver the most effective, efficient and beneficial way to help your company create and retain value.

Our innovative and unique training is collaborative, engaging and highly creative - an excellent team-building environment to spark your Business’ creativity and productivity. We think outside the square and approach problems head on; encouraging our participant teams to do the same.

We’re here to teach, practice, support and embed new ways of working and new ways to prepare you and your company for the future.

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Who we work with
Programs we run
User Experience Design

UX will give you the skills to identify usability problems and develop and design experiences that are effective.

Design Thinking

"Design Thinking" is a misnomer. It's all about Design-doing, no time to think.

Service Design

Learn the valuable, industry relevant tools to create Human-centred experiences.

Virtual Reality Design

Be an early adopter and accelerate ahead with a great foundation into this exciting medium.


Innovation is key to a business' success. Find out how to stimulate innovation and hone your team's creativity.

Product Management

Developing strategies to harness data and improve a customer's experience.

Growth Marketing

Master the techniques to unlock scalable and repeatable hockey stick growth.


Create a completely tailored training package.

How it works

Discovery and consultation

We will look at what outcomes you wish to achieve, understand your team and company and determine your problems, needs and objectives. Once we understand your goals, we will work with you to create the development of a tailored training solution.

Exercises, tools and training

We will share a variety of exercises, tools and training - the structure and nature will depend on your needs. This will allow you to gain lasting skill in the areas most important to you.

What you'll get

Customised training to meet your needs

We work together to provide a customised curriculum that matches the needs of your teams. We'll determine the most effective, efficient and beneficial way to help your company.

Immersive training designed by experts

We'll craft a syllabus that covers program areas your teams want to learn most from our expert instructors. This will allow you to gain lasting skill in the areas most important to you.

What our clients say
Adam Ralph

Adam Ralph

UX & Design ABC TV Multiplatform

Academy Xi was a great learning partner for the ABC. The training course was built for our specific needs and Academy Xi gave us the opportunity to select the course & trainer we wanted. As we understood the learning outcomes for our team Academy Xi customised the course to suit us.

Our trainer was perfect – an expert in the field, with ample experience and practical examples, this made our learning extremely effective.

The space easily fit 17 designers – the astro turf and ping-pong tables gave a fresh approach to the learning environment as well.

Finally the team at Academy Xi were a delight to work with, configuring the space to keep it fresh.
I would not hesitate to highly recommend their tailored approach to our learning and will doubtless be using them again as we move our training schedule forward.

tony-tang photo

Tony Tang

Digital Content and Engagement Manager, UNICEF

The Digital team at UNICEF reached out to Academy Xi to help us introduce, engage and inspire the whole organisation around current technologies including VR.

The team at Xi designed and hosted a practical, bespoke VR workshop for us. It ensured everyone at the organisation could learn about and trial VR, regardless of their technical knowledge or professional background.

Our whole team was really excited and engaged throughout the workshop, including our CEO who is since very interested in leveraging off VR and AR into our digital work. We’re now inspired and more confident technologies like VR can really help change people’s perceptions, build empathy and shift attitudes around key global issues, all which are at the core of our day-to-day work.

Christopher Marklew photo

Christopher Marklew

Head of Design, Salmat Digital

The instructors are engaging, experienced and dynamic. They know the subject matter to such a high level that you never get the feeling you are following a rigid syllabus, it’s relevant, understandable and most importantly you instantly understand how it can be applied in a real project scenario.

Having Academy Xi’s vast experience available meant that the course was easily tailored to our needs and every session had clear objectives that were exceeded every week.
The training has been a huge success from the perspective of the confidence and experience that we now take to our high profile external clients and also for internal projects across the Salmat’s top line portfolio of products & services.
cameron-king profile photo

Cameron King

Digital Sales & Strategy Manager, News Corp

Our workshop at Academy Xi was excellent. Very inspiring and motivating and very digestible for my staff. I would recommend this program to companies who are striving to leverage innovation in delivering their strategies and success. Everyone who participates in this program will extract value and become a stronger leader and driver of innovation in their organisation.

meg-barbic profile photo

Meg Barbic

Head of UX Design, Siteminder

The workshop got team’s thinking together and working together to understand the power in user centric, rapid problem solving.  It provided great practical tools that the teams could walk away with and implement immediately.

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