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Service Design: now and in the future

There’s no question that Service Design is gaining incredible momentum. Witnessing the number of Meetups emerging globally, new books surfacing almost weekly, the number of agencies rising and reinventing themselves to focus purely on Service Design and the appetite for companies to nurture their in-house capabilities, a perfect storm is approaching us where the outcome will see a critical shortage of Service Design talent weighing in on the already chronic shortage of UX talent.

So what is Service Design?

As we move from Brand Marketing to Brand Experiences, companies have to look inwards to understand Customer Experience and why there are both pain points and moments of delight in order to retain viability and improve the bottom line.

Exploring the entire ecology – or ecosystem – that makes up a complete service offering, the role of a Service Designer is to map a complete Customer Journey and underlay this knowledge with an exploration of what we refer to as the 5 P’s (see training). When a proper Service Design process is followed, we use the familiar Customer Journey technique and apply a new depth of understand where we can pinpoint the good and the bad of a customer experience to one of the following:

  1. People
  2. Partners
  3. Places
  4. Products and/or
  5. Processes

When we gain an intimate understanding of the root causes of a customer experience issue, we have an opportunity to move forward and fix this causes, almost always improving the Customer Experience, team morale and the bottom line.
This excellent article looks at the Future of Service Design and this simple video from Nile HQ explains The Value of Service Design.

We agree wholeheartedly with them!

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