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5 reasons to invest in upskilling

By Academy Xi

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It has become somewhat a buzzword of late, but upskilling isn’t a phase or a fad. Learning new skills is a vital move to keep you ahead of the demands of your chosen industry and to safeguard your future employability. It also provides a fantastic opportunity for professional development and can open doors to career opportunities you otherwise may not have considered or even been aware of.

Still not convinced of the benefits of upskilling? Let’s check out some of the professional and personal perks of upgrading your career toolkit. 

#1 Score that promotion 

Upskilling is a sure fire way to increase your chances of successfully landing a promotion. If your new knowledge and capabilities are vital to the future growth of the organisation, they won’t go unnoticed. Prove how your skill-set can impact the bottom line of the company and make yourself an appealing candidate. 

If you’re unsure what to upskill in, consider where there might be skill gaps within the company you’re going for the promotion with, and get training in them. Knowing what kind of technology is driving innovation in your industry can also guide your training choices. By taking a proactive approach you will empower yourself and fuel your career growth.

#2 Increase your job security 

Having additional skills can give you an edge when it comes to corporate restructures. Technology is changing rapidly and it is impacting every industry in different ways, including yours. If you want to stay relevant, adaptable and versatile – upskilling is the ticket. 

Upskilling shows employers that you are serious about your career and willing to invest extra time and effort into keeping up and ahead of the needs of the business. Investing in your skills keeps you fresh and in-demand, resulting in higher job security. It can also show that you are solutions focused, proactive and motivated and not waiting for someone else to steer the course of your career.

#3 Improve your chances of employment

Adding the latest industry skills to your professional toolkit can make a huge difference to your chances of landing a great gig. Potential employers will see you’ve invested time and effort and your new skills may well get you on the interview shortlist. 

If you have a particular job in mind that you’re after, it pays to scan the job descriptions to discover where you may have a skills gap. Use this information to help you find appropriate training to improve your job prospects. The right training program can also assist in reskilling and making transformative career changes.

#4 Renew your confidence and boost productivity

You used to feel competent and on the ball in your job. But as time has passed you’ve lost your mojo and you’re not quite sure how to get it back. It’s easy to lose enthusiasm at work and can happen for many reasons. Feeling like you’re not great at what you do anymore is a biggie and can impact on your self confidence. It’s common amongst those who have been out of the workforce for a time. Rest assured, there’s a way back to confidence and personal growth. 

By upskilling you’re giving yourself the opportunity to focus on your own goals. When you start to apply new skills, you can begin to see that you are capable of more than you thought possible. This in turn can have a great impact on your self confidence, which can result in increased productivity. And let’s be clear – you don’t have to commit to a four year degree (unless you want to, of course). There are plenty of options for short term online courses for upskilling to get you into the arena.

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#5 Give yourself more opportunities and increase job satisfaction

Have you already got a job in an industry you like, but you’re feeling a little stuck in the corner – not sure where to go next? Take a look around at others you work with across all departments. Chances are you have transferable skills that could work in many areas. 

Upskilling is not only about meeting ‘industry demands’ and filling skill gaps. It’s as much about you discovering what you’re interested in. Let’s face it – you’re more likely to commit to a career and organisation if you actually like what you’re doing. The key here is to follow your curiosity. 

Once you have some ideas of roles you’d like to pursue, find out which skills you need to gain, then look into the training opportunities that are available. Better still, find out if you can do an in-house secondment or placement to get a feel for the role or department. Your HR manager can help you put together a personal development plan to turn your learning and development goals into reality. 

So there you have it. A solid set of reasons to seriously consider investing in upskilling. 

Oh, and another thought, if you are currently working it would be worth discussing your interest in upskilling with your manager. The end of the financial year is nearing (how on Earth is it June already?!) and there’s every chance that there’s some unspent training budget available. It’s worth asking, especially if you are also open to sharing your new-found knowledge with team mates once you’re done! 

It’s also not the end of the world if your employer can’t sponsor your course, as you may be eligible to claim a deduction come tax time under self-education expenses. Make sure to consult with your tax accountant to be sure! 

Whether you’re looking to completely transform your career, complement your existing skill-set or to simply quench your curiosity, check out our industry-recognised online courses in Design, Tech & Data, and Business & Marketing. No matter your learning preferences, work or life commitments, or support levels you require – we’ve got you covered.

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Academy Xi Blog

Student Spotlight: Grace Mantilla

By Academy Xi

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Interior designer turned visual merchandiser Grace Mantilla is carving a new career in digital marketing. A creative at heart, she’s now helping a non-profit build their brand and online presence. 

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Read our chat with her as she shares her story and journey in the digital marketing space.


Tell us about you Grace, your personal and professional career? How did you start? 

My first professional dream was to become an Interior Designer which I managed to achieve when I was living in the Philippines. When I migrated to Australia in 2010, I struggled getting in the same field. To gain work experience, I decided to apply for a role in retail. I became a sales associate and found myself getting naturally appointed to become the in-store Visual Merchandiser. I was blessed with a manager who recognised my skills and urged me to follow that path. Since then, I have been doing Visual Merchandising as a full-time role, as well as contracting individual projects as a freelancer.

What made you decide on upskilling?

I have always been a learner, a consistent student, as my friends would call me. I like to learn new things and challenge myself. Every time I feel that life gets boring, I entertain myself through education. Before the pandemic hit, I was already contemplating on upskilling and hoping to carve a new career path. When the world took a stand still in 2020, I took that as an opportunity to pick a course to study and enrol. I found myself getting immersed in Digital Marketing.

Why did you choose Xi and what made you choose your course?

I was initially interested in learning UX Design. I remember going to one of Academy Xi’s info nights in Sydney to dip my toe in the water. However, I found the learning curve steep, so I decided to switch to Digital Marketing. Plus, a friend of mine suggested it too. 

There were a lot of online courses offering Digital Marketing. I attended a few free intro courses with different organisations and read reviews about several institutions before deciding. I found myself genuinely interested in learning Strategies, Content and Social Media – three areas where I would like to focus my attention. 

To be honest, I cannot even remember why I chose Academy Xi. All I know is that it felt right and somehow the institution made me feel that I belong. I love how they have built a good community of learners and mentors.

The course was very extensive, and I learned more than I expected. It was exciting!

Tell us what you enjoyed most about the whole experience

I found myself looking forward to our Monday night sessions with my classmates and mentor. It was tough to understand the theories at first, but the activities and assessments helped in applying what we have learned so far. The part I enjoyed the most was  the team projects where we worked with real-life clients. I was excited to put my learnings into action! Whilst it was nerve wracking to speak and present to a client, it was rewarding at the same time. Those mini achievements meant so much to me and our team, as well as our mentor.

Were there any personal or professional obstacles that you had to overcome to complete your studies?

I was very blessed to have supportive family, friends, and teammates. Apart from a few concepts and theories that are harder to comprehend (I’m looking at you Programmatic Advertising and Finance Calculations), I feel all went well while I studied. Our mentor was approachable and always ready to give me a hand whenever I get stuck.

Tell us more about what you’re doing at the moment. 

While working part time, I am participating in Academy Xi’s Outcomes Program and hoping to land a role in Digital Marketing. I am starting to expand my network connections on LinkedIn and connect with like-minded people (If that is you, hit connect and send me a note! Here’s my LinkedIn profile!). Oh, and I do yoga daily. It is one of my new year’s resolutions to practice every day for a whole year. Wish me luck!

Has the content you have learnt been useful in your career? Could you give an example of how/where you used the knowledge learnt?

All the content that I have learnt is useful in building my career as a Digital Marketer. It has given me confidence to carve a new path and continue my journey. To keep myself busy and to continually apply my learnings, I am helping a non-profit start-up company build their website and brand awareness online through social media. If you are curious, follow Alt Coffee Beans on Instagram and Facebook to see our progress, although it is very much in its early stages. 

What are your plans for the future?

I am focusing most of my energy on landing a role in Digital Marketing and working on the non-profit project. Whilst my priority is to land a full-time role, I am also open to internships and expanding my experience in an office environment. Continually learning, getting better and sharpening my skills.

Any advice or tips you would like to pass on to our current and future students?

If I am to give any advice for future and current students, it would be to never give up. Yes, it is a cliché, yet one that is also true. Education is an achievement that cannot be taken from you and continuously learning is a gift. Every step you take towards your goal is worth it. Believe in yourself and soon you will find that you are a better person today than you were yesterday.  As for tips? Ask. Always!

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