Professional background: User Experience Designer

After hearing about Academy Xi through word-of-mouth from a friend, Shadi’s curiosity for Augmented Reality (AR) led her partake in the 10-week AR course. Through applying her design expertise, Shadi was able to use digital interfaces to enhance the physical, real-world around us, which helped nurture confidence in her ability to simulate augmented experiences.

Since completing the course, Shadi is working on finalising her AR portfolio which includes creating an experience that involves a portal door allowing people to immerse themselves to a real-life Melbourne Cup experience.

Interview with Shadi

“Through the AR course, I learned the skills, technology, and practical applications of AR. By exploring different possibilities, I gained practical experience with 3D models and animation within the Augmented Reality space.”


Learned at Academy Xi

Get upskilled with a part-time Mixed Reality Design course

Aug 2020


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