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UX UI Design: Elevate

Enjoy flexible and self-paced learning, all while enriching your career with in-demand skills in UX, UI, design thinking and human-centred processes.

Course overview

What you’ll learn in this course

You’ll have 6 months access to all online course materials, enabling you to study at your own pace and fit your development around your busy lifestyle.

  • Introduction to UX
  • Designing for user satisfaction and delight
  • Human-centred design principles
  • The Double Diamond framework for UX
  • UX Software – FIGMA, sketch and more
  • UX case study and assets
  • Research problem statements
  • Considering the business and the customer
  • Types of research: quantitative vs qualitative, formative vs summative
  • Research techniques: Interviews, surveys, heuristic evaluation, contextual inquiry and ‘fly on the wall’
  • Competitor and data analysis
  • Introduction to synthesis
  • Affinity and empathy mapping
  • Personas and customer journey mapping
  • From defining to development
  • Design principles
  • “How might we?” questions
  • Explore Adobe XD
  • Developing solutions through ideation
  • Brainstorming and brainwriting
  • Crazy 8s and storyboards
  • Minimum viable product (MVP) in a UX context
  • Information architecture (IA)
  • From MVP to IA
  • Card sorting
  • User flows and interaction design
  • Intuitive User Interface (UI)
  • Low-fidelity prototyping: Wireframes
  • Expanding in your wireframe with sketching
  • Layouts and visual hierarchy
  • Web conventions (iconography, footers, links)
  • UI analysis
  • Applying style features to wireframes
  • Typography, colour, imagery and iconography
  • Content and UX copywriting
  • Layouts using grids
  • Inclusive & accessible design principles
  • Accessible design framework
  • Responsive & persuasive design
  • Good & bad UI design
  • Delivering prototypes
  • Preparing for & conducting usability testing
  • Plan and conduct user testing

Bring what you’ve learned throughout the course together, finalise your prototype and build your project presentation. Present your concept and receive structured mentor feedback.

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Our Software Engineering Transform courses include five assessment projects that help you build an impressive portfolio.

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Frequently asked questions on UX UI Design

Frequently asked questions

User Experience (UX) Design is the process of designing for satisfaction and delight by improving the customer’s experience when interacting with products, services and features. While it can apply to the experience of any product or service, UX was born out of digital product design. As a result, the UX profession has a focus on human-centred digital experiences. Simply put, any interaction an individual has with a company and the products or services offered by them is referred to as the ‘User Experience’.

An interface refers to the screen that the customer sees on any digital device, the ‘front-end’ that they engage with. User Interface (UI) Design is the human-centred process that is taken to create the aesthetic experience of a digital product. This includes all of the design elements a user will see on screen: fonts, colour schemes, animations, imagery and buttons.

Balancing theory and practice when learning about UX UI Design is ideal. The best way to ensure you find this balance is to complete a reputable training course in UX UI Design and the more practical the training, the better.

A key feature of our UX UI Design Transform course is that our students work with real businesses and stakeholders. In addition to the theory, we teach students the soft and hands-on practical skills required to work in any organisation. Graduates have provided valuable perspectives and design thinking to some of Australia’s biggest public and private sector organisations.

The average yearly salary as a UX UI Designer in Australia is currently $110,000 (Seek 2022).

Our online courses come in three formats. No matter your learning preferences, work or life commitments, or support levels you require – we’ve got you covered.

To choose the right course format, pick your desired career outcomes:

  • Are you studying to transform your career? Our TRANSFORM courses will equip you with the latest industry skills and have you graduating job-ready, with an included Career Support Program.

  • Do you want to complement your existing skillset? Our ELEVATE courses will expand your expertise in a social and supported environment.

  • Do you just want to learn the fundamentals? Quench your curiosity, at your own pace with our FOUNDATIONS courses.

In this course you’ll experience our ‘flipped classroom’ style of learning, where students cover course content independently before coming together to discuss concepts, ask questions and collaborate with mentor support. You’ll learn through a combination of:

  • Readings
  • Pre-recorded videos
  • Regular live sessions with your mentor and peers
  • 1:1 sessions with your mentor
  • Hands-on activities and practical project work
  • Q&A via chat and discussion boards

Be inspired by our student success stories

4.6 star rating on Google

Benjamin Chen

Senior UI Designer

UX Elevate

Studying UX design seemed like a natural progression for Ben, who as a designer, had to put himself into the user’s shoes and think about how design would catch users’ attention and assist them. By consistently consuming knowledge about UX and UI Design, Ben became hungry to learn more and as such decided to take his UX Design skills to another level.

Benjamin Chen, UX Elevate

Lurnea Simmons


Always friendly and welcoming! The community at Academy Xi and the environment they create for learning and expanding your horizons is exactly what is needed when you are looking to gain new skills. For me the courses were an adventure and investment in my development I'll always value and have gained immensely from.

Lurnea Simmons, AGL

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