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Course overview

“The demand for quality and experienced project managers in Australia has been high for a number of years. With the Australian Government gearing up to deliver major projects to restart the economy, the competition to attract talent will be even higher”, said AIPM CEO.


As part of the Academy Xi Business suite of products, the Digital Project Management course provides hands-on, real world learning for the aspiring Project Manager.

Offered as an online part-time course over 10 weeks, this course is designed for students who are keen to improve their digital project management skills and work better in, or with digital project teams.

Why study this course with us?

Hands on, practical learning

Focus on specific characteristics, processes and challenges of digital project management including practical activities and scenarios, waterfall and agile methodologies and an Agile Scrum team simulation.

A day in the life of a Digital Project Manager 

Work through real-world experiences, stories and challenges while learning hands-on tools including Jira. In every topic, you’ll get the opportunity to hear battle stories, anecdotes, real case studies and tips from the frontlines of digital project management. 

Connecting Digital and Human elements

As part of Digital Project Management you will learn the all important art of dealing with fellow humans including how to have difficult conversations, working in remote teams, leadership and written communication skills. 

What you’ll learn

By the end of this course, you’ll be able to:

  • Demonstrate general ‘digital literacy’ and understand the digital project lifecycle and team roles
  • Identity key business objectives and requirements of the digital project
  • Understand how waterfall methodologies are used to deliver digital projects by developing a project plan
  • Apply the Agile Scrum methodology to deliver projects by planning and simulating a 2 week sprint
  • Use project management software and tools, including Jira, to manage projects
  • Apply interpersonal, communication and other ‘soft skills’ in project management
  • Manage scope, time, budget, resources, risk and quality to deliver projects on time and on budget

Who this course is for

Digital Project Management is designed for aspiring project managers who are keen to improve their digital project management skills and/or work better with or in digital project teams. The course is ideal for:

  • Those who already manage digital projects at a junior to mid level
  • Traditional project managers who are looking to upskill in digital
  • Digital team members (such as developers and designers) looking to gain project management skills 
  • Anyone who wants to improve their general digital literacy skills and effectiveness working alongside digital teams (such as clients and other stakeholders)

Employed students may be working in roles such as Digital Project Manager, Digital Producer, Account Manager, Account Executive, Marketing Manager, Digital Coordinator, Product Manager, Business Analyst, Designer or Developer. They also may be clients or other stakeholders who work closely with digital teams.

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