Software Engineering: Transform (part-time)




43 weeks, part-time


Job guarantee*

Course overview

Land a job in Software Engineering – guaranteed* and transform your future with this industry leading, career-focussed course.

Businesses require well-rounded Software Engineers with the skillset to build reliable systems that meet user requirements in the most efficient way possible. This course teaches full-stack development skills that serve the full breadth of a business’s needs. 

Job Guarantee*:

  • Enter the course a beginner and land a job after graduation – guaranteed* 
  • Gain a much in-demand skillset
  • Receive personalised employment support and career guidance
  • Expand your Software Engineering network and join an active community 

A truly comprehensive and supported online course:

  • full-stack development skills for increased employability
  • Hundreds of hours of content and practical activities 
  • Tonnes of classmate interaction 
  • Personalised 1:1 support from your Instructor
  • Learn on a state of the art learning platform

Get the practical experience employers are looking for:

  • Forget case studies: work on multiple practical projects 
  • Build your Software Engineering portfolio 
  • Receive trusted, industry-recognised credentials

A highly collaborative and interactive learning environment:

  • Replicate the collaborative approach of a real Software Engineering job
  • Cohort-based to connect with classmates, grow together and make lifelong friends
  • Delve into specific topics and ask questions to your experienced Instructor

*T&Cs apply

What you'll learn

The course content covers multiple program languages, and includes both front and back-end programming, providing you with full-stack development skills..

  • Introduction to programming 
  • Object-Oriented Programming 
  • Storing databases using SQL and ORM (Object Relational Mappers)
  • Git tracking for source code management
  • Introduction to Ruby – back-end development
  • Gain an understanding of HTTP and build your own servers with Rack 
  • Master programming fundamentals with Sinatra
  • Learn how to build apps with Rails
  • Gain exposure to REST (Representational State Transfer), MVC (Model-View-Controller), HTML Forms, ERB (Embedded Ruby)
  • Debugging and tracking down issues in code.
  • Introduction to JavaScript 
  • Put the language to work 
  • Learn the Document Object Model (DOM) 
  • Use native “vanilla” JavaScript (versus a library), 
  • Explore Javascript frameworks, React and Redux
  • Building front-ends with React and Redux
  • Using Redux as a state manager 
  • Using Rails for back-end JSON APIs
  • Writing for HTML & CSS 
  • Use SASS to create high-quality front-ends
  • Define an appropriate project concept 
  • Build your own application 
  • Instructor feedback

Who this course is for

This course is specifically designed for students aspiring to land a coveted role in Software Engineering. It is ideal for:

  • Anyone looking for a career change
  • Students who want to acquire a job quickly without going to uni/college
  • Students who want a highly supported learning experience 
  • Anyone interested in becoming a Software Engineer or applying the discipline to their existing role or business 
  • Anyone who wants to learn full-stack development

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Digital badges can be used in email signatures or digital resumes, and on social media sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. 

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