Data Analytics

Collect, organise, clean, and analyse data to draw insights and make informed business decisions.

Businesses of all sizes are collecting ever-growing mountains of information, and those who know how to use it effectively can find themselves with a distinct advantage. Data Analytics is the process of extracting meaningful insights from data. At its most basic, data can be used to track trends and understand customer behaviour. It can also be used for more complex tasks like identifying new business opportunities and making accurate predictions about future trends. Data Analytics is a valuable skill in any industry, and those who possess it have a leg up in the job market. In an increasingly competitive marketplace, those who can harness the power of data will find themselves in a strong position to succeed.

Why study Data Analytics?

Why study Data Analytics?


Average yearly salary as a Data Analyst in Australia
(SOURCE: Seek 2022)

5900 +

Data Analyst jobs available in Australia right now
(SOURCE: Seek 2022)


Projected job growth until 2025
(SOURCE: Seek 2022)

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Frequently asked questions

Data Analysts are in demand worldwide, and Australia is no exception. With big data exploding across all industries, the need for Data Analysts is now outstripping the supply of qualified professionals.

If you want to upskill or land a job right away, studying Data Analytics online can quickly get you to where you want to be. At Academy Xi, we offer intensive online programs that equip you with the full spectrum of theoretical and practical skills required in a well-rounded tech or data role. Our Career Support Program has an excellent track record, with 97% of our graduates landing jobs in related fields.

Many businesses have a wealth of raw data at their fingertips, but translating it into actionable insights is easier said than done. Data Analytics helps a business tap into a vital resource and better understand its products, customers and competitors, as well as its own operational procedures and capabilities. Armed with this knowledge, businesses are able to identify inefficiencies and opportunities. Because data is not an opinion or a theory, it can act as an impartial source of truth when making important decisions.

Data Analysts start by consulting with teammates and stakeholders to define the objectives of a data analysis project. With the informational goals set, they gather and combine data that might come from a range of sources – both internal and external. They then clean, manipulate and reorganise data, removing any outdated or unrelated data and getting ready for analysis.

Now it’s time for an Analyst to live up to their title, as they spot trends and patterns that can be translated into actionable insights. Finally, they present their insights in a clear and convincing way to inform decision-making.

Data Analysts rely on a wide variety of tools to be more effective and efficient in their day-to-day work. Some of the handiest tools that Data Analysts use include:

  • Excel
  • Python Programming
  • SQL
  • Power BI
  • R
  • Google Colaboratory
  • Google BigQuery
  • Tableau
  • Datawrapper

There are many options for qualifying as a Data Analyst. Traditional universities offer Data Analytics and Data Science degrees, which normally take 3-4 years to complete.

These days, there’s less expectation for Data Analysts to be university qualified, with many employers, including the biggest blue chip companies, valuing skills and experience above a degree. As a result, more people are enrolling in condensed bootcamp-style courses, which leave graduates job-ready in a much shorter period of time and focus on up-to-date practical skills that the industry needs most.

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