Instructor: UX UI Design Courses

Professional background: National Experience Lead at PwC

Over the course of her career, Natasha Ballantyne has worked in numerous roles within PwC – with clear focuses on User Experience Design, Service Design as well as Customer Experience. She has worked within PwC’s Digital Services division, where she had senior roles such as Senior Experience Design Manager & Researcher. Currently, she is in the interim of her new position at PwC as the National Experience Strategy Lead. 

Previously, Natasha Ballantyne has worked with Telstra as the Digital Design Lead where she was responsible for managing a team of up to 15 people across UI designers, UX designers and researchers, alongside content writers. Within this role, she was responsible for delivering a new digital experience and product proposition for customers and agents in the contact centre and retail stores, map over 25+ user journeys and blueprints as well as contributing to the development of a design system, and many more.

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