Instructor: Digital Marketing Courses

Professional background: Founder at Mad Scientist Digital

Musician turned Entrepreneur Ian Hopkinson is a Digital Strategist with expert knowledge from development through social media to SEO and analytics. The Mad Scientist Digital concept was born in California out of the revolution Napster and the Internet created in the music industry.

A professional musician since age 10, Ian toured Europe and recorded with iconic Australian musicians. He was working in the US when the tidal wave hit – and he found he had the skills and the passion to ride the wave and have great fun doing it. His enthusiasm led Ian’s Californian community to label him a digital “mad scientist” and send him in to advise startups in a range of industries. His entrepreneurial spirit and digital creativity set him up for the next chapter of his career.

Ian returned to Australia to live and work, building Mad Scientist Digital to help local and global businesses navigate the disruptions of the digital revolution.

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