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A manager looking to introduce human-centred practices into your team? 

A UX, CX or service design team-lead on the hunt for training options? 

An L+D specialist planning a customer-centricity or digital literacy program? 

If so, we can help.

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Building Digitally Literate Workforces:
Foundations & Technical Upskilling

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Creating Customer-centric Teams

For managers:
1-day human-centred design courses

Intro to human-centred design

This 1-day course was built for teams inside corporate, government and non-profit organisations. It is perfect for departments across all business functions looking to introduce human-centred practices for the first time.

Delivered through the lens of common workplace scenarios using examples taken from your organisation, this session will equip your team with an HCD toolkit that can be embedded into your ways of working.


Design thinking

For team-leads:
UX, CX and service design upskilling

Academy Xi partners with design team-leads to create courses that bridge real skill gaps.

Using our extensive suite of role-specific modules, you can design the best possible learning experience for your team. Our instructors will then overlay these modules with examples, activities and project work drawn from your organisation.

No irrelevant content, no fluffy theory that doesn’t land – just job focused training your team can actually use.

For L+D specialists:
culture shift and technical training

Academy Xi helps learning and development teams bring new mindsets and capabilities into their organisations. Programs can be drawn from the courses above, or you can co-design them with our learning designers and subject matter experts.

These initiatives often fall into one of the following categories:

All organisations want to be customer-centric. But how do you go from wanting to being – at scale?

Using techniques drawn from the world of human-centred design, Academy Xi delivers tailored customer-centricity training that bridges this gap.

These programs include topics such as empathy, close listening, creative problem solving, personal ecosystem mapping, emotional intelligence and self-care. But we are lifelong learners ourselves, so if you have a unique vision for an upcoming course, we can work with you to make it a reality.

In either case, our goal is to provide your staff with tangible tools they can use to put people – including themselves – at the heart of everything they do. If you have a project to discuss, please get in touch.

Digital transformation comes in many forms. For some organisations, it means leveraging new technologies to drive cost savings. For others, it means moving to a digital-first delivery model.

But no matter the scenario, digital transformation always involves change. To how your organisation runs, and to the skills your workforce needs to function within it.

Academy Xi specialises in supporting staff through these periods. Working with L+D teams, we create tailored learning programs that cover a range of digital capabilities: from user experience and product management to data and marketing.

The goal of these programs is not to deliver technical training to selected digital practitioners (although we do that too) but to increase your workforce’s understanding of the digital space as a whole. If you have a project to discuss, please get in touch.

The world is changing rapidly. And as organisations go through periods of transformation, so must their workforces. During these times, hard choices must be made. 

Will you upskill you staff for redeployment into new roles? Or will you take the redundancy route, making sure to support your departing employees as they re-enter the job market?

In the first scenario, Academy Xi can assist with the upskilling aspect of redeployment. Training can be delivered specifically to your teams, or you can place staff members into our public courses – which range from 5-day intensives to 10-week full time programs.

In the second scenario, we can help job leavers prepare to re-enter the job market. These programs can take the form of ‘taster courses’, where participants receive high level overviews of multiple disciplines, or deep dives focused on specific areas.

If you have training project that we can help with, contact us to arrange a confidential discussion.

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