Professional background: Digital Transformation Advisor at Strategic Business Growth

Tom is a Digital Transformation Advisor, working with many companies and brands on enhancing their digital offering. Currently, he is the board advisor for Folio1 and CalMar Corps, and is also the Investment Advisor at Cryptoflip. Tom works with individuals, boards, and business departments to ensure that how they are thinking today, will mean they’re still competitive tomorrow.

Disruption will take down the most robust of businesses and monopolies unless those businesses are willing to change and do so at a pace which delivers a fair and equitable value exchange for their customers and stakeholders.”

Taught at Academy Xi

Become a Digital Growth Marketer in 10 weeks

Feb 2020


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Get upskilled with a part-time Digital Growth Marketing course

Nov 2019


Learn on-the-go with Digital Growth Marketing online

Jan 1970

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Start your Digital Growth Marketing journey in a day

Oct 2019


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