Professional background: Head of Experience Design at Revolution IT

Lisa Wade has been working as a human centred designer since the late 90s, when she abandoned a budding career in journalism to indulge in a new fad, known as the internet. She remembers a time before UX was called UX, and has seen our industry grow from an obscure practice to a way of thinking that is transforming industry around the world.

Lisa was a Director of Stamford Interactive, one of Australia's first experience design consultancies. She was instrumental in establishing PWC's Experience Centre, which became a global model for experience design for one of the world's largest professional service firms. Today she is the Head of Experience Design at Revolution IT, where she uses her coaching and mentoring skills to help grow the design capability of internal design teams.

Lisa lives on a small farm on the edge of Melbourne with her husband, three kids, and an assorted collection of animals. And she wishes that she bought shares in Post-It notes back when she built her first affinity diagram 20 years ago.

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