Dream big to change the world

Gen Xi is one of our three core pillars. Its purpose is to educate the next generation of innovators — the children today who will become the leaders of tomorrow.

What type of reality do you want to create?

A child’s imagination is unparalleled, but the reality we live in often suppresses this innate ability. At Academy Xi, we create environments that help unleash a child’s creativity; as they grow, we plant seeds of opportunity to help them harness and develop their imagination.

The next generation of youth are maturing in an age of significant change where disruptive technologies are transforming the world before their very eyes. To help our youth understand and flourish in such a fast-evolving environment, we offer a range of future-focused events and bootcamps.

We also work alongside some amazing people, organisations, and businesses to collaborate and create inspiring events that are tailored-made for Gen Xi. In the past, we’ve worked with Augmented Reality developers and well-known industry entrepreneurs to create our Virtual Reality Youth Bootcamp as well as hosting our third great event with Vivid Ideas (Sydney), Gen Xi: Educating the next generation of innovators.

We’ve also worked with Thoughtworks bringing kids of Thoughtworkers together for an epic one-day UX Bootcamp.

Think our next Generation can’t solve problems or design great experiences? You’re in for a treat.

Contact us today and find out how we can help nurture talent at your school or workplace.