29 October 2019

6:00 pm to 8:00 pm


Academy Xi, Level 3 / 45 Exhibition St, Melbourne VIC 3000

Event description

What not long ago seemed to be futuristic, and for some a dystopian notion, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is now firmly integrated into our everyday lives. Every time you Google something, ask Siri a question or see facial-recognition tags come up on Facebook, you are interacting with some form of Machine Learning algorithm.

With the exponential advancement of this technology, many in this space now think it’s only a matter of time until AI overtakes most human capabilities. So is this real, or an overreaction?

At our event ‘Will machines outsmart us?’, our presenter Jack Rust will:

  • Conduct an experiment to answer this question
  • Give a non-technical overview of Machine Learning
  • Discuss how Artificial Neural Networks function, and give examples of how they can be used

By the end of this session you should feel confident enough with the inner workings of AI and Machine Learning to bore your friends and family at dinner parties. Please note that no prior experience with software development of machine learning is needed to attend this event.


Jack Rust

Product Manager

Jack has tutored music, maths and software, worked as a software engineer and is currently a Product Manager at PageUp. Despite being locked away from the code, in his day job he still tinkers on pet projects in his downtime. He also has a Bachelor in Robotics and will happily talk about Artificial Intelligence until asked to stop.

Dates and fees


29 October 2019 ~ 29 October

6:00 pm ~ 8:00 pm



Academy Xi,
Level 3 / 45 Exhibition St,
Melbourne VIC 3000

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