03 July 2019

6:00 pm to 8:00 pm


Academy Xi, Level 3, 45 Exhibition St, Melbourne, 3000

Event Description

According to The Future of Work report, some of the most important skills of the 21st Century include critical thinking, problem-solving, and creativity. Interestingly enough, these skills form part of the Human-Centred Design (HCD) approach.

Individuals and companies looking to innovate and create better customer experiences, products, and services can benefit from applying the principals for Design Thinking in their day-to-day.

So how do you harness Human-Centred Design into your work and why is this an essential toolkit for the 21st Century and beyond?

At our event, Why Human-Centred Design is an Essential Skill of the 21st Century, our panelists will explore:

  • What is Human-Centred Design
  • How HCD is being applied to organisations and industries
  • Why HCD is beneficial in delivering exceptional solutions
  • How adopting the HCD mindset can foster creativity


Shaun Douglas

Service Designer at headspace

Shaun is a Service Designer at headspace National Youth Mental Health Foundation, working with young people with lived experience to design solutions that support their peers. Before headspace, Shaun worked as a digital marketer, launching start-up brands to disrupt the campus focused higher education sector.

Shaun has first-hand experience integrating HCD principals in a non-design environment, championing a human-centred approach to strategy and product development as a marketer. Seeing the results delivered by a new perspective, he worked towards a career change where design and technology could be applied to solve complex social issues.

Georgie Hoven

UX/UI designer at Sensis

Starting out as a graphic designer Georgie worked in an agency specialising in social good where she was thrown head-first into the digital space creating websites, apps and dabbling in 3D modelling. Following a 6-month hiatus travelling through Europe she began freelancing, soon after which, she up-skilled in UX inspired by her early experiences in digital design. She has found that by gaining a deeper understanding of UX, she has become more involved in creating products and solutions from end-to-end, rather than simply being constrained to “make this look nice”.

Today, Georgie works as a UX/UI designer at Sensis, and freelances on the side to help startups and small businesses grow.

Fiona McLaren

Productivity Systems Manager at Linfox

Fiona McLaren is the Productivity Systems Manager at Linfox. Fiona has experienced various roles within Linfox across IT including Project Management, Business Analysis and managing products, systems and developers. She has a passion for delivering customer focused products that make life easier for users both internal and external. Fiona undertook the UX Design Accelerate course earlier in the year and is working on building and driving UX practices within the organisation.

Heena Davidson

User Experience Designer at Belong

Heena is a User Experience Designer at the Belong, working within the team driving the digital transformation project. Heena is a past alumni of Academy XI. With a passion for data driven UX and user research, she is self driven and has had experience working in both complex corporate and agile start-up environment.

Domenic Longo

Product Owner

Domenic is a Product Owner with over 13 years of banking experience ranging from customer facing sales, process re-engineering and global digital transformation projects with detailed understanding of business processes, systems, products, legal and risk management across banking’s sales, risk and operational functions.

Over the course of his career, Domenic has gained a unique set of knowledge, skills and experience especially with his greatest asset being proficient in both the business and technology camps allowing him to easily translate and communicate with both Business and Technology stakeholders.

Domenic is a past alumni of Academy XI and feels his Service and UX Design skills are one of the most valuable things for not only his career but also his team, and most importantly the customer.

Dates and fees


03 July 2019

6:00 pm ~ 8:00 pm



Academy Xi,
Level 3,
45 Exhibition St,

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