14 February 2018 | 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm
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Cyber security issues are part of our daily newsfeed —  we hear about vulnerabilities to large and small companies everywhere, from compromised Uber accounts to ATO phishing scams. For most of us, cyber security terminology like phishing, malware, and hacking might as well be another language. But because cyber security will most likely affect all of us at one point, the word ‘cyber security’ has many negative connotations.   


To put it simply, the role of cyber security is to protect the digital world, which means protecting information like our bank details, which — for obvious reasons —  must remain confidential and private.


Thanks to the explosion of technological devices and online marketplaces, every day, our data becomes more vulnerable. Personal data can be compromised when security is poor, this means by having a phone, computer, or online account, your placing your personal data at risk.


Cyber security has become one of the fastest growing tech sectors, with the global market now worth in excess of US$126 billion. By 2026, experts predict the market will double thanks to the growing importance of sectors like IoT, cloud technology, autonomous vehicles, software development, energy, and telecommunications infrastructure.


Cyber security in Australia is small and fast-growing, employing over 19,000 people.  Growing Australian cyber security capability is a key priority for the government and a strategic asset from a security standpoint.


However, there’s a massive shortage of cyber security skills, which is why it’s so important for people to start embracing the skills involved in cyber security and unlocking its potential in Australia.


Join our panel What is Cyber Security Anyway? to find out how you can support the industry and be part of the change. Our expert panelists will discuss the positive role cyber security plays in Australian companies and how you can take advantage of intuitive technologies that have already surpassed human capability.


*Access to What is Cyber Security Anyway? is through Telstra Labs: Take the escalators to level 1 and then proceed up the wooden staircase.


Thomas Alomes

General Manager at Vumero Institute

Thomas Alomes is the General Manager of Vumero Institute, one of the world’s leaders in events, education, hackathons and certifications for data driven, high growth industries.
In this role, Thomas is the founder of the Cyber Talent Camps, an immersive career discovery, skills development, and talent identification program for University and TAFE students and recent graduates. The program aims to address the severe global shortage in cyber talent by engaging and inspiring young people to pursue a career in cybersecurity. It has a particular focus on empowering groups currently underrepresented in the industry. Thomas also leads the Melbourne and Sydney Cyber Security Meetup Groups and Cyber in Business Conference series.
Thomas is passionate about recognising, developing and connecting the “intellectual athletes” in cybersecurity and other emerging analytical industries enabling the 21st-century technological revolution.

Kirstin McIntosh

Program Manager at CyRise

Kirstin McIntosh is the Program Manager for CyRise, Asia-Pacific’s cyber security venture accelerator. CyRise supports early-stage startups with a 6-month mentor-driven program and a $50,000 SAFE note.  Kirstin has 23 years’ corporate partnership and business development experience in Australia, Europe and Asia.  She’s worked in diverse industries ranging from steel, construction, ethical trade and state government, as well as a foray into food tech startups before moving into cyber security startups.  She loves new ideas, intellectually curious people and optimism.

Serina Gil

Security Product Specialist at Telstra

Serina joined the Telstra Graduate Program in February 2016 with a Masters in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Melbourne. Following rotations within the CTO office and across the business, she became curious about the world of information security. Serina then connected with the global security products team.

Since then, Serina secured a permanent position within the team as a Security Product Specialist working towards the launch of Telstra’s reimagined Managed Security Services; a very high profile and fast moving project.

She enjoys the breadth of exposure of the industry and the many variables and human elements to cyber which makes each day different.

Jacqui McNamara

Head of Security Services at Telstra

Jacqui McNamara has worked in the cyber security field for more than two decades. She is currently the Head of Cyber Security Services at Telstra. She has previously run startups in the security sector and managed large businesses for IBM, HP and Dimension Data. She is a passionate supporter of diversity and women in the industry and in her oodles of spare time chairs Females in IT and Telecommunications, Australia’s largest and longest running body for women in the industry. Jacqui has spoken at many conferences on diversity and inclusion, and security. She is a former intelligence officer with the ADF and served for many years in different commands, including the G6, 6 BDE and Special Operations. She is secretly excited by cryptography and enjoys the opportunity to challenge assumptions and norms around the role of women and other minorities in the industry and across the board.

Berin Lautenbach

Chief Information Security Officer Asia Pacific at Telstra

Berin Lautenbach is the Chief Information Security Officer Asia Pacific at Telstra and has an extensive and diverse background in Cyber Security spanning 25 years. Berin loves the big cyber-security challenges and bringing together a team of great minds to protect customer and corporate data and the Telstra network.

His more recent roles have included leading the Information Security team in GE Capital Australia followed by setting up and leading the Security Architecture team for GE Capital globally. Berin has been involved in projects covering a wide range of security technologies such as intrusion detection; application security and malware control, to name just a few.

Berin worked for a number of organisations including the Department of Defence Australia, Dimension Data, National Australia Bank and GE, before joining Telstra in 2015.

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14 February
6:00 pm to 8:00 pm


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