02 August 2018 | 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm
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Through advancements in camera technology, digital platforms, and social media, video is increasingly becoming the content medium of choice.


Evidence of video’s rapid growth can be seen in the Upwork 2018 Skills index , where three of the top six skills most demanded are voice-over, subtitling, and art direction.


With the global video market expected to be worth US $75 billion in 2020, most social media platforms now have the capability to render and stream videos — cementing video’s position as the go-to content for brand engagement.


At our panel, Video Marketing for Growth, we’ll explore:

  • Why video is effective in sharing a brand’s story
  • The differences for video across platforms
  • Tips and tricks for shooting effective video
  • How to get started in video marketing
  • Case studies on growth

Michelle Mannering

Host at esports central, Streamer, Hackathon Queen

Known as the “Hackathon Queen,” Michelle is at the forefront of Melbourne’s startup scene, where she runs a number of hackathons to drive the city’s entrepreneurial culture. With a Master in Media and Communications, she’s written a number of research papers on video gaming; from its culture to its gameplay.

As an avid gamer, Michelle has worked in the esports arena and has hosted shows at PAX Australia. Michelle is also a regular co-host on esports central. In her downtime, you’ll find her relaxing on the couch and unwinding with Legends of Zelda, Assassin’s Creed or Final Fantasy.

Lenny Manor

Growth Marketing Strategist and Consultant

Lenny Manor is an instructor, mentor and consultant to startup teams aiming for growth, he’s worked with ASX listed businesses, International E-commerce startups, and Australian Small Businesses to give them the tools and knowledge they need to succeed. With a focus on Growth, Strategy and Digital he is the Lead Growth Marketing Instructor at Academy Xi and has been named one of the top 45 conversion rate optimisation specialists worldwide.

Zac Hutchings

Co-Founder and Head of Concepts at Udeo

Since graduating from university with a degree in Film Production, I’ve been fascinated by the techniques and conventions of film writing and directing and how they can be translated into the world of marketing and media.
I love using my past experiences in social media marketing and video production to plan and create effective content strategies and, above all else, help others tell their story in a unique way.

Charlie Porter

CEO of Burninghouse

A lifelong love of cinema and visual art initially pulled Charlie toward film making, working in the Art departments of various Australian film and TV productions.

Travelling and settling in the Netherlands launched a period of self-starting, with a series of successful creative enterprises including a nightclub, magazine and events company. Advertising soon beckoned with a stint as an Art Director. The excitement of new technology and social media platforms, notably YouTube, coupled with a move back to Australia signalled new opportunities for creative communications and Burninghouse was born.

Burninghouse builds culture, brand and business with video & animation. As CEO, Charlie oversees the business and its output to ensure every Burninghouse project maintains both the high level of creativity and clarity of storytelling demanded by our clients.

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02 August
6:00 pm to 8:00 pm


Academy Xi,
Level 3,
45 Exhibition St,
Melbourne VIC 3000