19 July 2019

9:00 am to 1:00 pm

$360 AUD

The Executive Centre, Level 17 Fraser's Tower, Singapore

UX Research Series: Planning, Conducting & Synthesising Research

User experience design (UXD) is the process of designing satisfaction by improving the customer’s experience when interacting with the product. Using a focused and deliberate Human Centred Design process, we design solutions that solve real problems in real life contexts for real people.

Design research is a critical component of the process where we gain vital insight into the problem being solved.

Why conduct research? So we don’t build the wrong usable thing — Like a snow machine for an eskimo…

Fact: UX is not really UX without user research.

User research focuses on understanding;

  • User behaviours
  • User needs
  • User motivations

Have you ever wondered how good user research is conducted? Are you currently in a role where you need to conduct user research, and you’re not sure where to start? Do you manage a UX team and not quite sure how they conduct their user research?

Over 6 weeks, every fortnight, you will learn the specific skills you need to plan, conduct and synthesise User Research.

Gain the skills and tools to hustle ahead in your career.

The first deep-dive workshop in this series (Friday, 19th July) will cover Research Planning; specifically:

  • Identifying Research Areas
  • Creating Hypotheses
  • Familiarising with the range of Research Tools
  • Identifying a suitable Research Process

The second workshop (Friday, 2nd of August) will cover Conducting User Interviews specifically:

  • Planning & Conducting Interviews,
  • Gathering Information
  • From Hypothesis to Questions
  • Good and not-so-good Questions
  • How to conduct a great user interview
  • Getting insights and organising them

The final deep-dive workshop (Friday, 16th August) will cover Research Synthesis specifically:

  • Understanding the need for synthesis
  • Post-it Affinity Mapping
  • Four-quadrant Empathy Mapping
  • Making I-statements
  • Identifying problem statements

Purchase all three workshops and receive a 20% discount. Usually $150 each, you pay $360 for all three! 

Dates and fees

19 July 2019 ~ 16 August

9:00 am ~ 1:00 pm

$360 AUD


The Executive Centre,
Level 17 Fraser's Tower,

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