29 August 2019

6:30 pm


Tigerspike Singapore, 38 Maxwell Road, Singapore

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Today’s large corporates exist with a business model that was created well before the rise of “digital”. These companies probably existed before the internet, before online banking and most definitely before every employee had their own smartphone in their pocket.

The digital landscape has evolved with each passing year and the focus on customer experience beyond ‘in-store’ to ‘on-line’ and ‘in-app’ has shifted the focus of large corporates into a whole new world.

More and more corporates are seeking ways to innovate within through ‘Innovation Labs’ and ‘Hackathons’; and the more digitally-focused have established end-to-end product teams from research to design to deploy.

But what about the multitudes of corporates who still see UX as a ‘nice to have’, or who consider UX to be a ‘fad’? How do we “UX” them into 2019 and beyond?

At this thought-provoking event, “UX-ing the Corporate World” hear from industry experts who will discuss: 

  • How the corporate world has evolved over the last 10 years
  • How the rise of digital has influenced how we think of customers
  • What the most innovative companies are doing 
  • How we can all apply simple UX principles to our work to shift the corporate mind-set



Samta Menghrajani | UX Programme Manager @ Google

Samta is focused on operationalising design to give designers back time to do what they do best, design! With over 10 years of experience working in Silicon Valley, Singapore, and Sydney, her focus is on design program management with a focus on UX for mobile apps.

Priscilla Liu | Head of Experience and Design @ SP Group

Dipty Mathur | Group Head of Experience Design @ Tigerspike

Dipty is an Experience Design practitioner and leader who is passionate for solving complex business and user challenges that drive impactful results; along with balancing the vision, growth and day to day operations of a strong Experience Design practice. Motivate and support talented design teams.

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29 August 2019

6:30 pm



Tigerspike Singapore,
38 Maxwell Road,

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