21 June 2018 | 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm
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The esports economy is worth in excess of $US 600 million and it continues to grow 40 percent year-on-year. Last year, at the IEM World Championship in Poland, a record-breaking 46 million fans tuned in online to watch the tournament. That’s more than four times the amount of people who watched the AFL Grand Final!


The esports community is developing strongly in Australia. Professionalism in the community is developing through associations with huge sporting clubs.


How long will it take for these players to become common among sporting legends? When will families sit down to watch League of Legends instead of the Sunday Football?


Join us, to learn more from a panel of gamers, academics, media representatives, and business leaders to cover the practical and theoretical concepts behind the current state of esports in Australia.


Scott Wenkart

Founder and Managing Director of Showdown

Scott is the founder and Managing Director of Showdown.

Scott has been a major driver in bringing media into gaming within the oceanic region. In 2013 Scott created a partnership between Twitch.TV and  Showdown to provide Twitch with a local presence. Showdown operates multiple business divisions including media + partnerships, streaming + esports studios & esports.

Scott has dedicated his career to the adoption of technologies to enable meaningful communication for both communities and brands. Through the success and growth of Twitch, Scott and his teams at showdown have been able to connect twitch’s live stream platform to a community that has evolved from gamers watching live game play to the largest live social video platform & live esports platform globally.

Scott is active in supporting the development of esports programs for professional and amateur gamers in the region.  He is the founder of Throwdown esports which operates leagues for major esports franchises and massive grass  roots programs.

Eileen Bell

Senior Manager - Digital & Innovation Company BT Financial Group

Eileen was the first professional female gamer in Australia, she has with 15 years experience in gaming & esports and 7 years experience within the financial industry. She has most recently played CS:GO for Athletico-Fem and has been featured in various publications including BOSS magazine, the AFR, PwC and others. She is a Senior Manager of Digital & Innovation at BT Financial Group, Chair of the Athletes Committee for the AESA and consults in esports as her side-hustle, with a deep knowledge and understanding integrating corporate strategy and digital trends within the esport industry. She is extremely passionate about advancing women in esports and linking the cognitive aspects of gaming to that of transferrable corporate skills and gamification principles.

Phid McAwesome

Head of goto.game

The head of gaming industry marketing leader and media outlet Goto.game. We manage our clients campaigns, build and execute amazing social media, community, influencer and event strategies while being the goto destination online for gaming news and coverage.

From the award winning podcast on all things social media web tech and gaming “HashtagME”, the extensive marketing and social media marketer Phid has a proven track record across the tech, gaming, education and food sectors working with top companies Xbox, Sony Playstation, Bethesda, EA, Ubisoft, Lenovo and Intel…just to name a few.
Fostering magical ideas for social media channels, and creating large scale activations and advertising campaigns, Phid has worked in media and marketing for over 15 years making thoughts over a coffee transform into real life visions of lucrative substance

Alex Manisier

Freelance Esports Journalist

Formerly Riot Games Oceania’s Content Editor, Alex has been writing about esports for five years on a freelance basis, and is most well known for his work in Fairfax Media’s Sydney Morning Herald and the Oceanic Pro League’s analyst desk.
As a lifelong esports follower, Alex blends a deep understanding of the business with a passionate fandom of the games and the people who compete in them, positioning him uniquely as a storyteller for a wider audience.

Dave Harris

Managing Director at LG Direwolves

Dave Harris is a seasoned sports manager, who currently manages and owns the League of Legends OPL team the LG Direwolves. An ardent sports fan, Dave has spent the last 15 years working in major sporting organisations from the NRL to the English Premier League. He now sets his sight on taking on the Esports world, with taking the LG Direwolves to international fame.

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