28 August 2019

6:30 pm to 9:00 pm


The Executive Centre, Fraser's Tower, Level 17, 182 Cecil Street, Singapore

Event Description

You may have heard the saying, “No one buys products, but they buy a better version of themselves.” The principle of buying a better version of yourself also pertains to User Experience (UX) Design — where people buy an idea, vision, or dream about how they can reach a desired outcome with your help.

Storytelling is one method UX Designers are able to translate user value into reality. Through stories, UX Designers are able to communicate and inform through their designs.

So how do you effectively communicate through storytelling in UX Design?

At our event, The Power of Storytelling for Design, our expert panelists will explore:

  • What is storytelling?
  • What does a design without a story look like, what does it luck and what a story adds to design?
  • At what stage of design a story is applied?
  • Techniques in which you can apply storytelling in UX Design



Jacqui Hocking | Founder and Managing Partner of VSStory.com

Jacqui is a Founder and Managing Partner of VSStory.com, a Singapore-based communications agency scaling solutions through powerful, authentic visual storytelling. She’s also the Founder of the Singapore Eco Film Festival, bringing stakeholders together to accelerate and celebrate solutions.

Stephanie Arrowsmith | Collaborative Innovator @ SecondMuse

Stephanie is a Collaborative Innovator at SecondMuse which is an innovation agency tackling complex problems by building communities and networks that are inclusive, sustainable and meaningful. She’s also the co-Founder of Impact Hub Jakarta which supports organisations and entrepreneurs with positive social and environmental impact at the heart of their missions.

David King | Story Strategist @ Story Box Academy

David King is a Story Strategist at Story Box Academy which turns business stories into branding and marketing tools to attract their target market.

Aik Yang | Founder of Maju Collective

Aik is the founder of Maju Collective, a collaborative that curates content and partnerships for the future of education. Aik believes in disruption and socially innovative solutions and finds joy in blending his creative idealism with community needs.

Dates and fees


28 August 2019

6:30 pm ~ 9:00 pm



The Executive Centre,
Fraser's Tower,
Level 17,
182 Cecil Street,

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