22 October 2018

6:00 pm to 9:00 am

$150 AUD

48 Druitt st, Sydney

Event Details

Ever get a bit nervous before an important conversation or tongue-tied when you’re speaking? Or maybe you leave a conversation or an interaction confused about whether you made sense? Or maybe what you thought was clear, wasn’t so clear to others?

Our ability to confidently and effectively communicate is a strong determinate of whether we create the outcomes we want or end up with a ones we don’t. Other than the usual trial and error, there’s not a lot out there about how to use the most powerful asset you have – your brain – to confidently communicate and create the outcomes you want. This workshop  will neurologically help you boost your confidence and improve your communication.  Using the modern principles of neuroscience we’re sharing all the tools and hacks to become a diplomatic worthy communicator.

At this workshop, you’ll learn:

  • Basic principles of the brain (conscious and unconscious mind)
  • How to effectively influence and communicate to create outcomes
  • How to neurologically boost confidence to improve your influence
  • How to diffuse stressful/uncomfortable conversations to create productive outcomes
  • How to increase your self-awareness and your social awarenessBy the end of this workshop, you’ll be a confident and effective communicator capable of mastering all types conversations and creating positive outcomes.


Shelley Laslett

CEO and Co-Founder of Vitae.Coach

Shelley is the CEO and Co-Founder of Vitae.Coach (Vitae), a coaching company that combines neuroscience with technology. Vitae uses principles of neuroplasticity to help all people unlock their brain and create the outcomes they want. Vitae focuses on founders, entrepreneurs and startup folk. The company helps people, and companies through accelerators better understand their brain to accelerate their personal and business growth. Vitae are using EMOTIV’s technology to help individuals see the neurological changes they are making.

Dates and fees


22 October 2018

6:00 pm ~ 9:00 am

$150 AUD


48 Druitt st,

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