20 February 2019

6:00 pm to 8:00 pm


Academy Xi, 48 Druitt Street, Sydney 2000

Event Description

Whether a digital product successfully scales and attracts a large volume of users — or falls to the wayside often boils down to good user experience (UX).

Developing good UX for a product involves staying ahead of industry trends, and the ability to adopt an iterative mindset. For many brands, this means being able to discern cutting edge technology from the noise of hype and fads within the industries they operate in.

At our panel, The Intersection of UX Design and Cutting-Edge Tech, our expert speakers will explore:

  • How to scale products successfully using tools such as Elixir
  • How GraphQL; a manipulation app for APIs helps launch effective UX Design
  • Advantages of React Native to launch quickly in iOS and Android
  • What future opportunities exist for UX Design in relation to emerging technologies.  


Scott Nolan

Experience Design Lead at Laava

Scott Nolan is a creative problem solver and storyteller, that designs human-centered experiences to enrich peoples lives. Since graduating with a (Graphic Design and VFX) Double Degree from Charles Sturt University Scott has spent the last 10+ years working on some of Australia's highest profile local and international brands including, CommBank, ANZ, Lion, Diageo, Telstra and Coca-Cola Company. In 2015 he was awarded B&T Magazines 30 under 30 award and was 1 of 5 finalists in ADMA’s Young Creative of the Year 2014. Before joining Laava, Scott was living the Scandinavian life in Denmark working for LEGO Group.

You can see his work on his website: https://scottnolan.com.au

Manuel Betancurt

Mobile Developer

Has been working with software since the year 2000 when he began working with microcontrollers and programming for Linux.
On the year 2010, Manuel arrived in Australia and started working with iPhone development. After 3 years of working with iOS, he began programming for Android.
When Manuel learned the importance of the backend platforms, he began writing some of his own APIs and data layer connections on Python and node.
On the journey, Manuel has been exposed to electronic art working on the UNSW COFA [College of Fine Arts], banking systems like Westpac, Government applications on the Police and department of finance, and different enterprise and startup projects.
Always open to find new and better ways to help bring ideas to reality on the digital world, he now uses react native to achieve agnostic development.

Manuel is an electronic engineer from Bogota Colombia. An avid practitioner of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and martial arts and devoted father.

Now working with Laava to help bring an awesome solution to help people authenticate things.

Follow him on twitter @hypercomputing

James Sadler

Polyglot software developer and technology consultant

James is a polyglot software developer and technology consultant based in Sydney, Australia. He's passionate about modern approaches to Software Development and helping teams build amazing software faster with better tooling. James co-founded Alembic, who brings functional programming and strongly typed APIs and their benefits to building software. Alembic's work involves working with React, GraphQL and Elixir at the intersection of the realtime web.

Jeff Chan

software developer

Jeff is a polyglot software developer and has a deep background in DevOps and deployment automation. He’s specialises in building Elixir applications and GraphQL APIs and also helps Alembic's customers ensure the software that their teams write is deployed to production as quickly and as correctly as possible.

Dates and fees


20 February 2019

6:00 pm ~ 8:00 pm



Academy Xi,
48 Druitt Street,
Sydney 2000

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