03 September 2019

6:30 pm


WeWork City House, Singapore

Event Description

User Experience (UX) Design continues to be a massive trend with the rise of exponential technologies such as AI, IoT, and Mixed Realities. Designing a great user experience remains a priority as it means the difference between success and failure for many products and services.

A trend of focus is a smart, personalised design that targets user’s specific needs. Understanding people’s pain points, psychological and functional drivers mean solutions not only fix but even predict people’s needs.

In an age where everyone is time poor, accessibility is another focus for UX, enabling people to do things more easily. Time-saving features include understanding customer navigation patterns and content specific suggestions that save time by anticipating the user’s next steps.

Following on from our last State of UX in Singapore event in March, we are keen to explore what has changed, and where we are heading now. 

Our panel, State of UX: Singapore Part II will explore:

  • What UX is and the current state in Singapore
  • Why UX is critical for business success in the future
  • What the top trends are in Singapore, and beyond
  • How UX will disrupt other industries
  • Career advice and helpful skills/tools to equip yourself before embarking into a career in UX



Pat Davivongsa | Product Design Lead @ Socash

Patricia Zhao| Lead UX Designer @ Govtech

Pat is a UX / Service Designer in GovTech. She works with government agencies to improve both officers and citizens’ experience, focusing mainly on digital services. Before joining GovTech, Pat was with IBM.

She pioneered the roll-out of the Enterprise Design Thinking for IBM Technology Services and had led several design discovery engagements across Asia.

She’s particularly interested to uncover relationships in a complex system, how individual groups like customers, enterprise users, business processes and tools play a part in the entire system.

Jordan Foord| Head Of Product & User Experience @ Gourmet Plus

Jordan has led the design & development of digital media products across the Asia Pacific region for companies like Fox Networks Group, Network Ten & News Corp. Most recently he’s been focused on a new digital venture in the hospitality industry.

He’s most interested in designing for the different ways people discover, consume & engage with content across various verticals, and still build products that people love, despite the increase of convenience, platforms & distractions.

Dates and fees


03 September 2019

6:30 pm



WeWork City House,

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