24 May 2017 | 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm
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Technology is powerful. Technology is life-changing. Technology is embedded in our daily life and developing at a quickening pace. But it has a hidden side that deserves our attention.

Academy XI has partnered with Code for Australia to explore the hidden side of tech. Join us as we talk to industry insiders about key issues in the space.

Creators of technology have power; what they create is consumed en-masse, and advancements in tech have far-reaching effects. Should tech creators use this power for good? In our third talk, we’ll be discussing the social responsibility of tech companies. A recent article in The New Yorker holds major tech companies to account: “you can’t really wash your hands of the impact your algorithms and your ability to shape popular sentiment in society”. We’ll be discussing issues of power, social responsibility and the role that both consumers and companies play in creating a better world.

Join us for a night of stories and conversation; We hope to see you there!


Mike Davis

Founder of Purposeful

Mike is the Founder of Purposeful, a social impact advisory, enabling organisations to develop purposeful cultures and to create, measure and report on social impact and sustainability. He is also the creator and host of the Humans of Purpose podcast, where he interviews purpose-driven leaders fortnightly. He is a Director of SIMNA, Australia’s peak social impact measurement organisation. Mike uses emerging technology to measure and report on social impact as well as to measure wellbeing and culture at the organisational level.

Jayde Harding

Founder of UnpluggMe

An intrepid internet adventurer and balloon enthusiast, Jayde has worked extensively across digital strategy, production and experience design. Most recently, her fascination with the social impact of technology on our everyday lives lead to the birth of UnpluggMe; a project that helps humans understand and create healthy, intentional relationships with their tech.

Jo Szczepanska

Service Design Lead at Thick

Jo is a Lead Service Designer  at Thick, there she specialises in the research and design of futures. With a background that spans physical and digital design, she has over a decade of experience co-designing and testing possible and plausible ideas with people.

In her previous role as the Head of Research and Development at Australia’s national broadcaster, the ABC, she led projects spanning ‘Artificial reality’ (AR, MR, VR), the evolution of conversational user interface for the car and opportunities for media in the smarter Australian home. All of her projects identified immediate opportunities and those further ahead in 2021.

Khoi Cao-Lam

Lawyer at Victoria Legal Aid

Khoi is a lawyer, currently with Victoria Legal Aid, engaged in social change through service innovation and multidisciplinary collaboration. His diverse industry experience comprises commercial law, the United Nations system and service innovation in the not-for-profit and public sectors. His current research interests include the application of design thinking to human services, data analytics to better understand community need, the role of technology in addressing social problems, and new models for multidisciplinary collaboration.

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24 May
6:00 pm to 8:00 pm


2/41 Stewart St,
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