06 June 2017 | 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm
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We’re already gearing up for VR and AR to integrate into our daily lives. But the question is: will they remain separate, distinct disciplines, or can we expect something more integrated? And how does Mixed Reality fit into it all?

Mixed reality combines the immersion of VR, with the real-world integration of AR. It bridges the gap between virtual and physical. Is Mixed Reality the evolved version of AR and VR? With big companies like Microsoft jumping on the Mixed Reality bandwagon, it makes us wonder if it’s the next big thing, or a marketing ploy.

Join us as we chat to VR/AR and Mixed Reality experts about what Mixed Reality display is, how is it different from AR and VR and how it will play a part in your future.

6:00pm-Doors Open

6:20pm- Panel Starts

7:00pm- Q&A

7:20 pm- Networking



Saxon Dixon (MC)

Real Time Artist at The Pulse VR

Saxon has worked as a real time artist across AAA game development for over 10 years including Rockstar’s mega hit LA Noir. Now he turns his attention to the exciting world of VR working with one of Sydney’s premier VR production companies ‘The Pulse VR’. Saxon is keen to take Virtual Reality Design to new heights as he believes that good VR UX design will either make or break an experience.

Bachir El Khoury

Academy Xi AR instructor and Managing Director of Limpidlogic

Bachir is a serial tech entrepreneur and founder of Limpid Logic where he leads a team of designers, gamers and engineers, working with leading edge technologies in IoT, mobile, augmented and virtual reality. In the recent years, they’ve embarked on a mission to change how we design, build and sell property, through innovative tools and leading edge technologies such as Microsoft Hololens.

Bachir is a big believer that technology makes us more human, and it is the natural evolution of the human race. His strong creative background and over 20 years in software and game development, have placed him at the intersection of the creative and technical worlds. This allowed him to build a world-class creative and technical team, is on a mission to explore the digital world and the future, and bring back to the present, new ideas and human experiences, through beautiful design and technology.

Scott O'Brien

CEO of Humense and founder Augmented Reality OMG

Scott has been an Augmented Reality (AR) pioneer since 2009, he feels confident that he is building AR into the “whites of the eyes”. He is an expert advisor for ISMA (The International Social Media Association) and the founder of Augmented Reality OMG. Scott is also the organiser of the largest AR & VR Meetup globally, he has worked on projects from small apps, wearables, drones, IOT to AR & VR.

He has been a keynote speaker and educator in the UK, US, AUZ, NZ  and even Singapore discussing everything from 3D modelling to gesture based control. Scott’s previous company explore engage Augmented Reality worked with clients like McDonalds, HSBC, NBC Universal, Universal Studios, Sony, Cisco, Commbank, Cirque Du Soleil, News Corp, Yahoo7!/Mnet, Kia, Qatar Football, Commbank, Telstra, NBNco, Taubmans, Laing O’Rourke.
Scott believes that mixed realities is “human nature with greater imagination, happiness, potential, productivity, truth and loyalty”. He joins Academy XI to empower the next wave of mixed reality creators.

Tracey Taylor

Executive Producer & General Manager, The Pulse VR

Tracey’s experience spans fields, formats and countries, having delivered immersive experiences to audiences around the world. Her depth of knowledge spans all areas of production from traditional film and television, to being at the forefront of media production for new technologies such as VR and AR, large screen events and interactive installations. Tracey has produced content for multiple VR projects, including Telstra’s award winning experience, “This is for the Fans”, as well as the acclaimed short VR pilot, Remember).

Tracey is also a strong and active advocate for education in the VR and digital media industry with an extensive and growing network of digital technicians, creatives and suppliers.

Kain Tietzel

CEO & Co-founder at Start VR

Kain is a serial entrepreneur who has been working with technology startups, creative agencies and media companies for over 20 years, working on the bleeding edge of design, marketing and immersive technologies.

As an all-around technology veteran, software developer, award-winning creative director, and virtual reality storyteller, Tietzel serves as the CEO and Founder of Start VR.
Formed in early 2016, Start VR is now recognised as one of the leading studios for interactive cinematic virtual reality. The company produces high quality VR content and software applications for clients including Qantas, Samsung, ARU, Pernod Ricard using their custom publishing and authoring platform Startgate. Start VR’s original content division is best known for VR Noir: A Day Before The Night and their upcoming slate of projects Atlas Obscura VR and Awake. Start VR is represented by UTA.

Prior to forming Start VR, Kain was the Director of Growth & Experience with Life Management platform Meeco, Co-founder, Creative & Marketing Director at Fotomerchant and has built interactive, software & narrative experiences for Channel 4, Lego, Audi, Sony and more.

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06 June
6:00 pm to 8:00 pm


Vivant Level 16/55 Market Street

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