27 July 2019

9:30 am to 5:00 pm


Academy Xi, 48 Druitt Street, Sydney 2000

Workshop Details

Early bird tickets: $25 per session with code ‘worm25’

Python is a high-level, general-purpose, programming language that was first introduced in 1991. As the backbone behind data analytics, machine learning, web development, and technological automation, the demand for Python is highly sought after across industries.

Never coded before? Not to worry! If you’ve been interested in elevating your career with this in-demand skillset, our two-day workshop is for you. 

At part one of our intensive 2-day Python workshop, you’ll:

  • Understand the common machine learning Python pages (Numpy, Pandas, and Matplotlb)
  • Receive soft copies of a Python cheat sheet 
  • Receive insights of Python use cases
  • Get practical experience using Python on data sets
  • Access to all the materials and code on GitHub
  • Receive post-session support and assistance

*Note*: This session is suitable for participants of all levels and with no mandatory experience in coding

A full 2-day agenda will be shared after you sign up before the workshop along with the required software link.

Sharique Nawaz

Data Scientist

Sharique is a Data Scientist working with Woolworths Limited and has more than 7 years experience in Analytics working with various diverse clients across organisations such as Banking, Telecom, Retail. He is an Engineering graduate and loves to explore Science but has worked all his career with the data and is now working to bring them together. He has been working with data-ingestion in cloud to create data lakes to stream line the data in real-time for Analytics and Machine learning. He was hired by Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) where he successfully trained their team of data analysts and helped them move from their legacy system SAS to python.

Prior to this, Sharique was working with Qantas and was involved in building a real-time customer response engine for the booking system. He has successfully conducted many workshops and trainings under Python, Data Science, Machine Learning with diverse audiences. He likes conducting workshops and training people as it keeps him busy, learning and sharing ideas, and building networks.

He likes watching football and when he finds some time, loves reading novels and writing his heart out.

Dates and fees


27 July 2019 ~ 27 July

9:30 am ~ 5:00 pm

$125 AUD


Academy Xi,
48 Druitt Street,
Sydney 2000

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