27 August 2019

12:30 pm to 1:30 pm


Academy Xi, 48 Druitt St, Sydney

Event description

How do you move your team beyond the rhetoric of a vision statement, to truly deliver on company objectives?

Where both leaders and work are aligned to an authentic purpose, its by-product is engaged employees bringing their whole self to work, higher performing teams, and ultimately, more profitable customer relationships.

To achieve this, you need to be honest about who are, what you stand for, have aligned values and a desire to add value to the market.

This event will give you insight into how companies, despite their best intentions, fail to build an effective and authentic culture around their vision. Uncover the steps you can take to bring alignment across different teams, and create positive change within your organisation.


Joris Cuesta

A heartfelt disruptor

Through almost 15 years of leadership roles in the private sector, and with a background in entrepreneurship, Joris has worked with companies such as MyBudget, DHL, Fitstop, Quicksilver, and Grey Goose amongst others. He currently helps leaders energise their teams, boost productivity, and drive growth by extracting, ingraining, and amplifying their authentic purpose and aligning it with the people who matter most: their employees. Joris is motivated to work with companies and individuals who are genuinely interested in improving their brands - helping to identify their true self, and contributing to positive change.

Dates and fees


27 August 2019

12:30 pm ~ 1:30 pm



Academy Xi,
48 Druitt St,

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