18 December 2019

5:30 pm to 8:00 pm


WeWork. Level 7, 222 Exhibition Street, Melbourne 3000

Event description

The average person speaks anywhere between 7,000 – 20,000 words a day. Though we adopt our ability to speak as a form of communication as a child, many of us struggle to effectively communicate and influence others as an adult.

Whether you own your own business, work for an organisation, or want to pitch to investors, effective communication is what you need to achieve desirable outcomes.

At our Public speaking and communication masterclass, we’ll explore:

  • Strategies to be effective and authentic on and off stage
  • The VSC formula of effective communication and public speaking skills
  • Tips for writing and delivering a speech
  • Tips for effective communication and connection
  • Understanding the pathos, logos and ethos methodology
  • What makes a proactive mindset for success
  • How to overcome limiting beliefs and fears

Plus there will be special and exclusive giveaways by the host and speaker Jody Dontje.

Jody Dontje

Fulfilment and Public Speaking Coach

Jody Dontje is a recognised inspiration, changing the lives of individuals internationally. Her life mission is to empower others to access and activate their fullest potential and live a life of purpose, vibrancy, and fulfilment. Jody is a Fulfilment Mindset Coach, Public Speaking and Communication Coach, an International Humanitarian, TEDx Talk Speaker, Teacher, WFWP Speech Contest Winner and Founder of 2 global empowerment charities (FundMyCharityWork.com and The Help Nepal Appeal).

Dates and fees


18 December 2019

5:30 pm ~ 8:00 pm



WeWork. Level 7,
222 Exhibition Street,
Melbourne 3000

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