11 July 2019

6:00 pm to 8:00 pm


Academy Xi, 48 Druitt Street, Sydney 2000

Event Description

The emergence of Mixed Reality (MR) through Virtual and Augmented Realities have revolutionised the way we live and interact. From gaming to travel to medicine and logistics, the application of MR is broad and many. For example, doctors are now able to used MR to practice intricate surgeries in advance, way before any knife ever touches a physical body.

So how will Mixed Reality revolutionise industries in the years to come? How far has the technology come? What are the ethical and design implications we should consider?

At our panel, Mixed Reality Jobs of the Future, we’ll explore:

  • The current MR landscape and predictions for the future
  • How varied industries are taking advantage of the technology
  • The implications of MR in your career or business
Priscilla Koukoui

Founder of Ovisquare

Emerging Tech adventurer Priscilla Koukoui, is the Founder of Ovisquare XR Creative agency based in Sydney, offering interactive experiences for LBE.

Priscilla is also Immersive Digital Solutions Lead at GHD, a leading professional services companies. With over 200 offices worldwide, GHD operates in the global markets of water, energy and resources, environment, property and buildings, and transportation.
GHD delivers smart technology solutions through digitally connected infrastructure projects and digital engineering.

Dr Nishanth Krishnananthan

Co-founder of Vantari VR

Dr Nishanth Krishnananthan is the Co-Founder of Vantari VR, a Virtual Reality software application for Healthcare. Graduating from Bond University in Queensland, he spent a majority of his clinical training in surgery at both metropolitan and regional hospitals in NSW. He has authored a Urology textbook which has been published internationally, and co-created an online mentorship platform for doctors and medical students. His business Vantari VR was born in 2017 with a vision for improving patient care and evolving the way medical scans are communicated and consumed by doctors and patients. After being part of the inaugural Cicada Innovations Health program, Vantari VR was chosen to be part of the HCF Catalyst accelerator cohort in 2018, and is continuing to grow into being the iconic VR company in Healthcare, with pilots at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital and Westmead Hospital.

Dr Vijay Paul

Co-founder of Vantari VR

Dr Vijay Paul is the co-founder of Vantari VR, built with the intention of harnessing the power of Virtual Reality for transformative healthcare applications. Vijay has always been passionate about working at the intersection of technology and health in order to leverage the unique strengths of emerging technology to solve real life problems in clinical medicine. He sees the Australian healthcare landscape as somewhat lagging in embracing innovation and wants to be part of the change.

After completing his undergraduate in medical science with neuroscience research, Vijay completed medicine at the University of Queensland. Post-graduation he was interested in both surgery and acute medicine and worked in various health networks over time. His time commitments to Vantari VR means that he now travels around regional Australia working as an emergency medicine registrar as time allows, combining clinical medicine with a full-time business venture.

Travis Rice

Founder and Chief Content Officer at Lens Immersive

Travis co-founded LENS in Sydney in early 2015. LENS brings together executive talent from Hollywood, technology and visual arts backgrounds, leading a small team of industry experts. LENS is built on future facing IP development in AR, VR and video streaming integration.

Prior to LENS, Travis worked with the Biennale of Sydney as an Exhibitions Manager, and taken on Artistic and Program Director roles with First Night Austin, Barbara Davis Gallery and the Contemporary Arts Museum Houston.

Saxon Dixon

Experience Director and Co-Founder of Virtual Immersive

Saxon has been in the business of interaction and immersion for more than 12 years, in everything from the Videogames Industry, to Retail and Advertising, to VR instructor at Academy Xi.

Saxon is one of Australia's top Real-Time Artists and a leading experience designer for Immersive Technologies. He designs striking and optimum user experiences in everything from Mobile AR to Virtual Reality. Saxon’s expertise lays in Mixed Reality User Experience Design and Level Design/ World building.

User Experience is an art form - the success of each experience will be judged on the outcome of the user journey. Was it intuitive? Was it easy to navigate? Was it engaging? Are there measurable outcomes? Saxon’s skill is ensuring the answer is a resounding ‘Yes’ to all of those questions.

Michael Dries

Co-Founder of Mirk

Michael co-founded Mirk 3 years ago. Having had a digital design and marketing agency for several years Michael saw a gap in the market. He felt that there was a lot of buzz around what emerging tech such as AR and VR could offer but noticed a distinct lack of companies able to incorporate these technologies into real world projects.

Based in Sydney and Melbourne, Mirk works with clients from a range of industries to create experiences that shape the future. Driven by
creativity and strategy Mirk pushes the boundaries of where innovative technology can take us. Mirk’s particular focus is on the areas of AR, VR and app development.

Mirk’s interdisciplinary teams collaborate closely with clients to develop and execute digital strategies, products and experiences that create long lasting connections with their customers.

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11 July 2019

6:00 pm ~ 8:00 pm



Academy Xi,
48 Druitt Street,
Sydney 2000

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