05 July 2018 | 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm
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The retail industry is a complex chain of online and offline processes which are increasingly becoming influenced by Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

This second event is part of our series on the opportunities and impact of ML. We’re exploring the retail industry to identify how each of the following components is being disrupted by the new paradigm of ML.


Sales and CRM Applications

From customer-facing bots to algorithmic sales funnels, the previously human-centric domain of sales is becoming increasingly augmented and replaced entirely by algorithms that have been trained on big data sets.


Customer Recommendations

ML has enabled brands to deliver highly sophisticated recommendations based on data points such as place, person, purpose and personal preferences. No longer are customer recommendations a crude summation of your personal presence.



Robots have been central to large manufacturing processes for a long time. The rise of AI, however, has seen their cost fall and their sophistication increase. Robots now have the capacity to learn and improve as they train themselves through neural networks.


Logistics and Delivery

As Google Maps helps an individual navigate more efficiently, so too does ML with its freight and other aspects of supply chain logistics.  Delivery via drones and robots is already being trialled in Australia, and there are currently self-driving trucks navigating American highways.


Payments and Payment Services

As more and more retail purchases are conducted online, customers can expect increased peace of mind at the checkout through the watchful eye of ML trained security systems. In physical shops, ML is providing the capacity to do away with the checkout all together with examples like Amazon’s ‘go’ retail store allowing sensors and your customer login to track all your physical purchases in real time.


Join us for this exciting overview, and learn how you too can begin to utilise ML in your business processes.


Martin Kemka

Founder of Northraine

Marty Kemka is the Founder of Northraine, a B Corporation machine learning production house, with the goal to teach 10,000 people about machine learning. As a Data Scientist and Founder, Marty has been building predictive modules for more than 10 years across companies such as ANZ, Equifax, GE, and the World Bank. His mission through Northraine is to ‘recondition the human condition’ and re-design how we live through the use of data.

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05 July
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