25 September 2019

5:30 pm to 8:30 pm

$95 AUD

Academy Xi, 48 Druitt Street, Sydney 2000

Event Description

In today’s fast-paced world of volatility and ambiguity, effective leadership can prove challenging. To inject a fresh lens and drive change in your business, its crucial to reflect on your approach, and equip yourself with the right skills to lead.

So, how do you lead in a world of chaos?

In this three hour workshop, you’ll be introduced to a number of leadership paradigms and learn:

  • How to maintain your focus and achievement in a high chaos environment
  • How to move from Control and Rigid Processes to Relatable and Inspirational Leadership (RQ)
  • Two key skills to Improve your Positive Influence and RQ
  • Core mindsets and self-leadership tools to succeed as a leader in chaos


Chaordic Global Consulting

Dates and fees


25 September 2019

5:30 pm ~ 8:30 pm

$95 AUD


Academy Xi,
48 Druitt Street,
Sydney 2000

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