04 August 2019

10:00 am to 4:30 pm

$200 AUD

Academy Xi, 48 Druitt Street, Sydney 2000

Bootcamp Description

Product Management is the approach and techniques that leading startups and companies implement to develop, manage, and market successful products and services.

A key role in the world of Product Management is that of the Product Manager.

Product Managers sit at the centre of a physical or digital products and sit at the intersection of leadership, business, experience, and technology to drive impactful outcomes for their customers.

The best Product Managers are those who can identify an opportunity, rally a team and the broader organisation towards a shared vision while bringing the best products to market through a cycle of constant learning and customer interaction.

The skills required to be successful as a Product Manager apply across all spectrums, opening up a different way of thinking through a problem-solving mindset – focused on providing value for the customer.

Learn how to develop the mindset and skills of a Product Manager and lead impactful, and well-performing teams with our one-day bootamp.

Taught by the best industry leaders, by the end of our Product Management bootcamp you will have learned:

  • An overview of Product Management —its strategies, processes, and how it can benefit your business and team
  • What is the role of a Product Manager in a product or agile ecosystem
  • How to construct a successful product’s vision and roadmap
  • A breakdown of a business’ operations through the Business Model Canvas (BMC)
  • How to set metrics to measure success
  • An understanding of how to recognise and overcome business constraints
  • Different career pathways and opportunities within the field of Product Management

Dates and fees


04 August 2019

10:00 am ~ 4:30 pm

$200 AUD


Academy Xi,
48 Druitt Street,
Sydney 2000

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