18 October 2017 | 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm
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Join some of Melbourne’s leading human-centred design practitioners, capability-builders, and organisational mould-breakers as we unpack what it really means to be led by design thinking. Drawing on significant experience across the corporate, capability, design and engineering landscape, our speakers will define how human-centred approaches to work manifest in their actions and results.
Questions to be considered on the night include:
• What it means to be led by human-centric design.
• Faux HCD, and how to spot it.
• Does your team need to embrace design-thinking, and the implications of this decision.
• Have we hit peak HCD?


Practical, insightful and inspiring, the panel will move beyond surface observations, to reveal their favourite failures and ultimate successes.

Kylie Savage

Meaningful Business Director @ Huddle

Kylie Savage is a mentor, coach and facilitator working at the intersection of innovation and design. As the director of Meaningful Business for Human-centered design pioneer Huddle, Kylie works with leadership teams in large corporates and government agencies leading sustainable innovation initiatives where people become the main beneficiaries.

Kylie and Huddle believe that with an “anything is possible” mindset, organisations can make the world a better place. Before joining Huddle Kylie was the director of strategy and innovation for Brightstar, and also created the Most Innovative Company awards program with Inventium, which is now in partnership with Australian Financial Review. She holds degrees in Robotics, Digital Technology and Electrical Engineering.

Joanne Taylor

Senior Strategic Designer @ Huddle

After 18 years experience in the corporate sector with roles spanning customer experience, transformational change, people leadership and strategic planning, Jo’s passion for human-centred leadership and service transformation led her to Huddle, and she is also currently studying her Masters in Design Futures.

Jo recently led a human-centred design project on family violence. This work focused on understanding the lived experience of victim-survivors when they were interacting with different services and systems and co-creating principles for designing an improved system.

Joanne is a passionate advocate for social change and making a difference in the world. She has travelled extensively and has been actively involved in mentoring and tutoring migrants as well as fundraising for children’s health.

Jon Osborne

Jon Osborne is a designer and facilitator who works to help large companies develop new business initiatives. He draws on a background in the built environment to help leadership teams pioneer resilient innovation initiatives based on solid research and fresh thinking. A firm believer in a participatory approach to complex problem solving, he previously led and built a human centred design practice at Arup. This created a collaborative team of designers and resulted in a series of pioneering innovation initiatives across the organisation.

Kellie Monger

Strategist @ Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre

Kellie Monger has the unique title of Strategist at the multi-award winning Melbourne Convention
and Exhibition Centre.  Commencing in April 2016, Kellie leads the methodology, development and
execution of the organisation’s strategic planning function.
Understanding that an organisation’s greatest assets are its people and customers, Kellie has a
passion for discovering new ways to design and deliver better services and experiences for people.
Kellie has worked in a variety of roles within the tourism, marketing and events industries and is
recognised for her collaborative approach and ability to see humour in almost any situation.

Laura Wilkinson

Manager, Co-Design & Family Safety Victoria

Laura Wilkinson has a long and varied career working in both the private and public sector. Laura commenced her career working in Human Resources, drawn to projects focused on facilitating change and designing for people. She has since worked in roles focused on digital transformation and co-design. As the Citizen Experience Development Lead Births, Deaths and Marriages she worked on the design of a digital proof of identity solution. Laura is currently the Manager, Co-Design at the newly established Family Safety Victoria where she is responsible for embedding human centred design into the implementation of the Royal Commission into Family Violence. Laura is a strong advocate of design and speaks openly about the challenges, learnings and opportunities for applying design in the public service. Laura is currently studying a Masters in Design Futures at RMIT.
Dates and fees
18 October
6:00 pm to 8:00 pm


Academy Xi,
Level 3,
45 Exhibition st,

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