14 December 2018

12:30 pm to 1:30 pm


48 Druitt st, Sydney, Academy Xi

Event Description

Health is one of the most demanded needs in our lives. Yet there is little effort of improving service design and UX in the healthcare industry, good example is canadianpharmacyratings.net. Digital Health is growing because more technologies are developing each day. Telehealth, ehealth, and mhealth are some well-known terms these days.
Human-Centred Design advocates involving humans in the design process. Unfortunately, when it comes to healthcare systems the technologies are ad-hoc. There is a lack of focus on patients' user experiences.

How do we practice human-centred design in digital health?
What are the differences between regular users and patients?
What are the challenges working in Digital Health?

This talk presents a series of work on Sakib Jalil’s PhD, postdoc, and industry experience. A series of cases will be presented that will inform you about:

•Applying UX and service design in the healthcare systems
•Highly regulated clinical trials
•Ethnography, codesign, lead user approach, and contextual design
•Type 2 diabetes, cancer, Kawasaki disease, and mental health
behaviour change through mobile apps

Dr Sakib Jalil

Design Consultant at Readify

Sakib received a PhD in Human-Computer Interaction from James Cook University in 2016 and won the “Medal of Excellence”. His external examiners from North America and Europe rated him top 5% in the world during his thesis exam. Next, he held a postdoc position at the University of California Davis in the USA for over a year. He aspired to bridge research with the industry. So in 2018 he came to Sydney and studied at Rob Williams' UX transform course in Academy Xi. Then he received mentorship from Vera Kravchuk of Academy Xi.
His research areas are digital health, experience, service, systems and process design, behaviour change, gamification, and emotive design. He authored a textbook chapter for a Master's degree textbook in the USA. He has more than 15 scientific publications.

Dates and fees

Lunch and Learn

14 December 2018

12:30 pm ~ 1:30 pm



48 Druitt st,
Academy Xi

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