20 September 2019

5:00 pm to 5:00 pm

$70 AUD

UTS Building 15, L1 622-632 Harris Street Ultimo, NSW 2007

Global Goals Jam Sydney

Weekend Hackathon

Want to be a part of designing solutions to the United Nations 19 sustainable goals? Join us in a Global Hackathon, where over 70 cities around the world come together to tackle sustainability!

To collaborate, we need to engage in a way that goes beyond talking, towards making and creating, in a space for people from all backgrounds who bring in their local knowledge, ensuring a bottom-up, grassroots approach.This is why we started the Jam: a 2 day event to engage makers and designers to contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals by creating short-term interventions with long-term impact. More than an event, it is a network of cities and organisations that are excited to engage their local communities to create real impact for the Global Goals.

What’s included in your ticket?

  • Friday Evening: welcome drinks 5pm – 7.30pm (at Academy Xi, Sydney)
  • Saturday: design sprints, lunch included, 9am-5pm (UTS)
  • Sunday: final design sprint & pitches, lunch included, 9am-5pm (UTS)

The coaches, mentors and speakers supporting you throughout the weekend represent industry leaders, designers and sustainability experts. The judging panel on Sunday afternoon will include a sustainability incubator, environmental engineer Sanjay Kumarasingham, and Blaise Porter (Director, Responsible Business at Fujitsu).

Never taken part in a hackathon? That’s OK! 

No prior hackathon or coding experience is necessary – just a drive to find creative solutions to some of our most pressing problems. Here’s more info from Hackathons Australia on what you can expect to take away from the experience:

Dates and fees

Friday - Sunday

20 September 2019 ~ 22 September

5:00 pm ~ 5:00 pm

$70 AUD


UTS Building 15,
L1 622-632 Harris Street Ultimo,
NSW 2007

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