01 February 2017 | 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm
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When we think about products, we naturally think of tangible, physical items.

Increasingly, this isn’t the case; with the rise of the experience economy, services are becoming major players in the product space, and so too are digital products. The digital realm is expanding with technologies like VR and AR broadening the space where we can interact with digital products.

As products change, so too will the role of product managers, and the way we develop better products.

Learn about the future of products and the disciplines that shape them; we’ll discuss the future with some of Sydney’s leading product creators and product managers.


Magda Cortez

Senior Product Manager at eBay Classifieds Group

Magda Cortez is a curious and creative product manager who has spent the last 12 years crafting cross-platform digital experiences. She is the Senior Product Manager at eBay Classifieds Group currently working on Gumtree. Magda is responsible for shaping experiences that connect buyers, sellers and brands within Gumtree using data, messaging and bot technology.
Magda was a presenter at Sydney’s Vivid Festival discussing essentials questions product managers should ask to developing successful products. She is also a mentor to emerging start-ups and Women in Tech. Previously, Magda worked at News Corp and Ninemsn where she applied design thinking and lean/agile principals to product development.

Matthew Ho

Senior Mobile Product Manager for Confluence

Senior Mobile Product Manager for Confluence at Atlassian. He has previously worked at Airbnb, Asia Pacific Digital and Deloitte. Co-founded two businesses, Native Tongue and Tapmint. His personal blog http://inspiredworlds.com is a top 20 Australian business blog. He is the host of This Mobile Life podcast on mobile product management. He is a moderator for the Sydney Startups Facebook Group with 6,000 members.

Merissa Silk

Experienced Product Manager at Vivant

Originally from New York City, Merissa Silk is a Product Owner at human-centred innovation agency, Vivant. She’s passionate about building great products and leading cross-functional teams. Merissa’s career highlights include: working on top secret experimental mobile feature validation at CommBank, launching a new suite of mobile products at the NY Daily News, and starting a social media platform for human rights organizations (probably 5 years too early).

Chris Nheu

Head of Product Mad Paws

Chris Nheu is currently the Head of Product at a venture-backed startup called Mad Paws which is Australia’s largest pet service marketplace.
He’s unapologetically curious and believes that the solutions to the problems of tomorrow will not be found by applying the information models of today to solve them. We have to create new avenues where different disciplines of knowledge can intersect and flourish.
He believes that the answers to our questions should always start with the people and that the way we design products today is fundamentally different because of the democratising power of the Internet.
He’s passionate about sustainability and what it means to live in harmony with each other and our planet, how the ambient technology will turn our spaces into living intelligent beings and how we can ethically design technology that only talks to us when we need it to.
He is a driven, hard-working individual with a hunger to learn and an open mind for collaboration. He loves being tasked with a design problem, formulating a plan to resolve that problem and finally executing that plan. I’ve got an entrepreneurial mindset and a pet hate for bad design.
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01 February
6:00 pm to 8:00 pm


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