13 June 2018 | 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm
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Do you want to Design with more impact, create more thoughtfully or just understand the world around you better?


The fast-emerging field of Systems Thinking is a discipline that gives you a holistic view of the world around you, offering insight into how you can use systems to create positive change.


Systems thinking is being used by some of the worlds biggest design firms, NGOs and social impact organisations to drive real change.


Systems Thinking is a way of seeing and thinking about reality in order to better understand the way we interact with systems or processes in our everyday lives. It offers a range of techniques and devices to visually capture and communicate the way components of a system work.


So what value does Systems Thinking provide, and how can it be used for to benefit you and your organisation?


At our panel, The Everyday Applications of Systems you’ll explore:

  • What is Systems Thinking?
  • Why should companies use Systems Thinking?
  • Which industries should Systems Thinking be applicable?
  • How can you use Systems Thinking in your job and day to day lives
  • How does it compare to other forms approaches such as Design Thinking, and Human-Centred Design?

Rich Brophy

CX Strategist at Tricky Jigsaw

Rich Brophy is a CX specialist with 5+ years experience in Customer Experience, Innovation, and Product Design
Rich is a CX lead at Tricky Jigsaw, AFR’s #1 Most Innovative Company 2018.
Prior to his role at Tricky Jigsaw, he was the Founder of Kickstart Academy, Sydney’s first crowdfunding accelerator.
Rich’s recent achievements include leading CX projects for the Department of Education and Department of Transport. He has also driven Service Design, ideation and market prototypes for Lexus and, most recently, lead ideation sprints with Google in India.

Stefan Norrvall

Australian ambassador for global systems thinktank, SCiO (Systems Complexity in Organisations).

Stefan is the Australian ambassador for global systems thinktank, SCiO (Systems Complexity in Organisations).

Stefan has worked as a consultant or contractor for the last 15 years in a range of organisational change initiatives across multiple industries. His interest in systems thinking emerged as a result of seeing the limitations of traditional change approaches and researching viable alternatives.

He’s currently engaged with Ausgrid to establish a Business Architecture function to support them in taking a more systemic approach to change.

When not consumed with the demands of his two young sons he’s working to finish his research masters in Social Ecology.

Camille Reed

Founder of the Australian Circular Fashion Conference

Camille is the founder of the Australian Circular Fashion Conference and a champion of circular design in the global fashion industry.

Known in the industry for her can-do attitude, with a feverous passion for recycling and sustainability, Camille Reed is actively pursuing her goals, founding Australia’s first circular fashion conference – an annual event supporting the AU/NZ fashion industry, as a collective, in becoming self-sufficient in sustainable best practice. Looked to, as a leader in the field, she is also one of Australia’s most talented and recognised textile design artists. Camille is highly sort after for her textile design expertise and sustainability involvement within the fashion industry.

Nathan Harrison

Member of Boho Interactive

Nathan is a member of Boho Interactive, an interactive theatre company that uses gaming to explain complex systems for a global clientbase.

With Boho Interactive he has developed Best Festival Ever alongside scientists and performed at the London Science Museum and Battersea Arts Centre. As a science-theatre practitioner Nathan has developed works about water security, long-term thinking, and wildlife conservation. Applespiel’s work has been programmed at Malthouse Theatre Company, Performance Space and the Festival of Dangerous Ideas. Nathan’s latest work on conservation ‘How I Saved The Western Black Rhino’ premiered in Penrith earlier this year.

Nathan is a performer, writer and Honours graduate of UOW. A founding member of prolific performance collective Applespiel, Nathan has been making work internationally since 2010 with support from ArtsNSW and the Australia Council for the Arts. Nathan is also broadcaster on FBi Radio and a host of the podcast Hottest 100s and 1000s.

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13 June
6:00 pm to 8:00 pm


Academy Xi,
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