07 February 2019

6:00 pm to 8:00 pm


Academy Xi, Level 3, 45 Exhibition St, Melbourne VIC 3000

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According to recent research, only around 33% of all Australian businesses are owned by women. As more women enter the realm of business ownership, there are a number of unique challenges they must tackle to drive success, profit and impact.

What are some of these challenges, and how are strong, informed women kicking down business, and social barriers to scale for success?

At our panel, Earn Money with Confidence: How Women in Business Overcome the Biggest Problems, our amazing panelists will explore:

  • What are some of the biggest challenges women face in business leadership?
  • The top skills successful women who run businesses posses
  • How women cultivate confidence to smash business goals and earn money their own way
  • Personal success stories from independent and powerful business women


Nikki Ricks

Membership Coordinator at Scale Investors Ltd

Nikki is a business consultant for creative scalable women-owned businesses at Feminest. She hosts retreats, workshops, masterminds, dinners, book clubs, and works with women one-on-one to turn their dreams into realities. She also works as the Angel Coordinator at Scale Investors, the only female focused investor fund in Australia. In her free time she mentors at Now to Launch, a food business incubator supporting refugees.

Tash Bickley

Product Development Manager, Kintic Pty Ltd

Tash started Kintic to deliver technology solutions that connect people in meaningful ways, utilising her background in social media application development and data analytics. Kintic's key innovation is Bene, a mobile health app that connects people at risk with their own personal support network. Kintic has recently started work in the virtual and augmented (mixed) reality technology space and we are excited about the possibilities in these areas.

Tash has worked on enterprise solutions at NAB, ANZ, Telstra, NBN, Coles and Toll among others, and in a diverse range of industries including finance, insurance, retail, logistics and health, before taking the leap and starting her own company.

Nicole Heales

Financial Adviser, Mortgage Broker and Keynote Speaker

Nicole Heales is a Financial Adviser, Mortgage Broker and Keynote Speaker who specialises in teaching women to be clever with money, so they can relax and enjoy their lives.

Nicole loves nothing more getting in front of a group of women, teaching and inspiring them to make positive changes in their lives.
Making women aware of female specific issues around gender pay gap and retirement savings is a passionate issue for Nicole. She understands this is where she can truly make a difference to more women, by helping us understand what is possible when we take control of our finances.

Nicole’s business, Nicole Heales Financial, provides a complete package of financial advice and education for women covering everything from money management, superannuation, insurances, mortgages, debt reduction and wealth creation.

Maureen Pound

Director of Be Brave Make Money

Maureen is the youngest of nine children and grew up in a small house with a lot of LOVE but not much MONEY.

It was clear from a young age what the "rules of life" were. Get educated, have a good career, have a family, retire and hopefully live to a ripe old age.

However, in her early twenties, Maureen started challenging the rules and decided to do things that scared her. She drove around Australia in a Holden HZ station wagon with a girlfriend who couldn't drive. She headed off overseas with no plans, nowhere to stay and stayed for 3 years.

After working for corporate in IT, she decided to start her first business and continued to push the boundaries.

She was a business coach before anyone knew what one was, and earned more in my first year in business that she had in her high-paying corporate job. She decided to help others do the same.

Maureen thinks that as you you spend so much time working, you should make the most of that time and do something that REALLY floats your boat. (And make good money from it).

She is passionate about helping women in particular think about money and embrace it and MAKE it.

"Money is NOT a dirty word. It's creates opportunities so you can help more people and make a difference in the world".

Dates and fees


07 February 2019

6:00 pm ~ 8:00 pm



Academy Xi,
Level 3,
45 Exhibition St,
Melbourne VIC 3000

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